Monday, April 19, 2021

Not finished yet

It seems I wasn't finished making masks. Luckily I put my mask fabric all in one place so I didn't need to go and search for anything.

My daughter in BC asked if I could make her two boys more masks since they are still attending a physical school (unlike the children here in Ontario who are all online.)

A few more for my daughter.

And a few for my son-in-law.

I then made some for my grandson in the UK who will be attending Forest School in August. He's only three and is eager to make friends. With Covid, the daycares shut down but things are slowly getting back to some kind of normalcy.

None of these have elastic but I added the elastic when I sent them. This way, the elastic can be cut to size and tied to suit whoever is wearing the mask. It saved me time and this way, the elastic will not be too tight nor too loose.


  1. Yes I had to make a few more myself. My three year old grandson is wearing a mask now because he wants to be the same as everyone else :)

  2. Colours to suit everyone, I wonder if the Royal Family masks were purpose made for Philip's funeral? Love the way you have pattern and fabrics all together. who knows when this will end.

  3. You are running your own little mask production line. I think I will need some new pretty masks too.


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