Saturday, January 30, 2021

The latest projects

For the past month I was in England visiting my youngest daughter and helping her with the twins and 3 year old Atticus. Her husband had to go away to take a course and since I was there, I extended my visit for a bit. I am now close to completing my self isolation in the basement of my home. Luckily, I have everything I need here - including my crafts.

I started this blanket when I was in England. I got the yarn from Aldi and purchased it because it was a good price and also, it had a certain amount of wool content. It's 20% wool but it's also washable. The label says it's Knit & Purl Rainbow Yarn in the Nougat colour. Each ball or cake was 200 grams.

I used up two balls of yarn for the blanket when I was in England but when I came home, I added to it and used up another ball of yarn. There are still three left in England. I crocheted it using the shell stitch.

I made the blanket so that my youngest little granddaughter, Aurora, had something that kept her legs warm when she was in the stroller. This photo shows the colours better.

I started this last night. It's a hat for my other granddaughter, Severn. I had made a rainbow hat for her mom and it was her mom who suggested I make one for Severn. It seems that Severn keeps wearing her mom's hat. The pattern is free on Ravelry and it's called Bankhead. I have used that pattern for about a dozen or more hats so far. The yarn was purchased last year or the year before from Walmart.

Once the hat is finished, I am planning on using up these little balls of leftover yarn for another hat.

This is the yarn. Patons Decor is no longer being made since it's not readily available anywhere. I did manage to get some from Lens Mill store a while ago but it was in the clearance section. I like it because it's variegated and also because it too has a certain amount of wool content - 25%. I have made many hats with Patons Decor yarn and my grandchildren are still wearing the hats I made. I think my new 'go to' yarn is Lion Brand's Wool Ease but it's not all that easy to find. It too has a percentage of wool content. Hopefully, I will be back in my sewing room next week. There is a whole big list of things that I have to make. I'll try to remember to take photos of things I finish. 

Until then, stay home, stay safe.


  1. So glad you are home and that you are safe. I love your yarn projects. The rainbow super saver yarn is very pretty. It will make a lovely hat. Since I am still having problems with my eyes, I decided to do some crocheting. I plan to update my blog with that later and hope you will stop by to take a look.

  2. Glad to hear that you made it home! Just ahead of the latest round of restrictions that are coming into place. It's good that you have a place in your home where you can isolate but I'm sure you'll be hugely relieved to be 'released' so you can get back to sewing on your projects.

  3. Isolation is a lot better with a choice of projects, and love that rainbow yarn. Hats are so useful, necessary and welcome in those lovely colours.


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