Saturday, April 11, 2020

Twin things

My youngest daughter, Ayla, gave birth to twin boys. They are fraternal - meaning that they are not identical. I made a couple of things twice.

Two white hats - before we knew the gender.

Two blue hats (a slightly different pattern.)

And two stroller blankets. I made these before leaving Canada. The little colours are small balls of yarn by Lion Brand and they are called Bonbons. I had to add a different colour for the one on the left because the package of Bonbons I had included white - so it wouldn't have shown up at all if I used white as a background. I had seen someone use a gray colour but I thought I would go with navy blue. Most of my grandchildren have a variation on the rainbow coloured one. They are fun to make. The pattern is called Lemon Squeezy Stroller Blanket and it's free at Ravelry or on Lion Brand Yarn's website.

I hope you are all well and keeping busy.


  1. Hi Dolores, hope your are ALL swell, love the hats and the rainbow blankets. Are you in a total lockdown still? We are, life is not easy for so many, but I have wool ,needles, fabric, and some old well read books, and puzzle books with lots not filled in.Then we have email,. a blog, new friends world wide as we join in together. Keep well, frond greetings to all, Jean.

  2. The hats and blankets are very pretty. It is nice to dress the unidentical twins individually. I hope they and you all are doing well and getting some rest and some fresh air too.

  3. You're having twice the fun with the little ones, for sure. Nice projects - the stroller blanket pattern is one I'm going to check into (thank you).

  4. Congratulations! Double that. Enjoy! ;^)


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