Saturday, November 30, 2019

Update - Champagne Quilters

Marg and I are still quilting once a week. We are still making wheelchair lap quilts.

This is the one that Marg is working on. We had a pre-printed panel and just added a bit more fabric on two sides to make it into the size we wanted.

This is the panel I'm quilting.

Here's a better photo of it. This one just turned out to be the size we liked.
I came across another panel that we could use. At least they won't be sitting on my shelves anymore. I'm glad that they will be put to good use.


  1. A project together, and a finish in sight.They will be so appreciated.

  2. Getting fabric in good use and finishing projects feels so rewarding. Your quilts will bring warmth and joy to those who get to use them.


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