Saturday, October 5, 2019

Yarn review

I like knitting even though I'm not an expert. My projects tend to be on the simple side. Baby knitting is fun because you can see results in a short time span. I love making baby hats for charities too. Trying out different styles and different yarns is fun. During this past summer, I was contacted by Kristen from Yarn Canada to see if I wanted to try out some Lion Brand yarn called Go For Faux and write a review on it. I agreed and asked about a deadline. I knew that the summer was going to be a busy one and didn't want to commit if I couldn't produce something. I was told that there was no deadline and the project was up to me as to what I wanted to make with it.

Well, after I received the yarn, I was so glad that I had agreed to use it. It is oh so soft. I was, at first, going to make a sweater for one of my grandchildren but in the end I decided to make a scarf. I found the pattern Quick and Comfy Knit Scarf by Kara Gunza. She used Lion Brand Wool Ease for her scarf.

The pattern is an easy one and since the yarn I used was a faux fur, the stitches don't really show. There is a rib on both ends of the scarf but you can't see it because of the fuzziness of the yarn. I wasn't bothered by that. The yarn was liked by everyone I showed it to because I would rub it across their cheek to let them feel how soft it was. 

This is the finished scarf. The buttons are real wood and made by my son-in-law, Gilles.

The yarn colour is Bear and this is closer to the true colour than the photo above.

It was going to be my scarf but my youngest daughter, Ayla, has claimed it and she took it with her when she returned to England Friday after a short visit with her little son, Atticus. I guess this photo shows the real colour better.

I am planning on making another scarf with the same pattern and yarn because the yarn is just so soft and feels like it would be warm. It knits so easily and because it is a super bulky yarn, it goes quickly. There are several colours of the Go For Faux yarn available at Yarn Canada.


  1. looks very cosy, and a beautiful model too. I think I might need to knit one down here.

  2. This looks so cozy and warm - might have to check out that yarn!

  3. Ooh that's gorgeous, and Ayla wears it well! It looks super warm and the softness comes through even in a photograph!

  4. That scarf must feel as lovely as it looks. I bought a similar yarn earlier to use for boy doll's hair. It was not good for that purpose but would make a great scarf.


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