Monday, January 8, 2018

A New Quilt

On New Year's Day there was a one day quilt along called Merry Mayhem Mystery. After I looked at the requirements, I realized that it needed only four fabrics and that you could make it in the size that you wanted and felt would work best for you. Since I have a lot of fabric in my stash, I was hoping to use some of it up. Each colour needed less than one yard/metre of fabric and so I chose my four fabrics and waited until the last clue was released. Then I got to work and started the quilt. I wanted a new quilt on one of the twin beds in the bedroom that the grandchildren use when they visit.

These were my four chosen colours.

Sometimes it pays to wait and in this case, the instructions were a bit off so I saved myself some figuring out.

There was some cutting, some sewing and then more cutting.

Of course, the iron was put to work too. 

Here's the finished top laying on one of the beds.

I have enough of the fabrics that I could add borders to make it a tad bigger. I finished this just today and now it's folded up and in the closet waiting to be worked on when I have more time to devote to it. 
I don't usually do well on quilt alongs. Something usually happens in my life and I end up having to get other things done.

Now I have to cut and prepare some background pieces for another quilt. I'm also knitting another headband with reflective yarn. I just hope there's enough yarn left in the ball.


  1. I love the colours in this one! Interesting pattern too and even better that you could use your stash - a win/win. I'm with you in eyeing the remnants of a ball of yarn and wondering if there's enough - I started a balaclava tonight and it's going to be interesting to see if I can get to the end before running out.

  2. Very pretty and look at you go! I don't do well on quilt-alongs either, start with good intentions which quickly go you know where. I'm impressed, Dolores!

  3. Picking fabrics for a new quilt is always fun, and you have found a great combination. I have decided that I want to see the whole design before I start making a new quilt from now on. But the getting started seems to be so difficult!

  4. Wow, you wasted no time getting this one done. Great colours!


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