Sunday, February 12, 2017

A little bit busy

I have been busy but not really with sewing or knitting. I have been busy the past few weeks looking after my little grandchildren. It seems that the whole family has had the flu and passed it on. One after the other, we all got it but we're okay now.

Little Teemu got another sleep sack. 

It has two different flannel linings. I was not paying attention and cut the first piece the wrong way. I did have enough of the little sheep flannel for both the front and the back but I just wasn't thinking when I pinned and cut the pattern.

Luckily I had enough thin quilt batting for the front and the back. I really didn't want to have to buy anything if I didn't have to.

The batting just gives it a bit more stability and warmth.

Here he is with his daddy, Casey, who just became a full fledged Canadian resident.

This photo is purposely upside down to show that I also made the front of this sleep sack upside down. It's the only way that the pattern fit the fabric. This way the animals on the fabric are the right way when Teemu looks at them.

This quilt may look a little familiar.

We finished putting it together and last week Marg found time to put it and the blue one on the frames.

Marg's daughter has MS and is wheelchair bound. This one is for her.

Initially, both quilts were bigger. Marg found out that her daughter was using a large bath towel on her lap to keep her warm. The lap quilt she had was just too big and so we revised our wheelchair lap quilt sizes to make them the same size as a large bath sheet. This way, nothing gets caught in the wheels.

On a sad note, our little Pixel left us. She was 19.5 which turned out to be about 94 in human years. 

I made these today along with two loaves of multigrain bread. These are Zucchini Tater Tots and you can find the recipe here. They are gluten free. Yesterday I made vegetarian chili to go along with the multigrain bread. We brought it all over to my son's place. With all the snow we got, his vehicle was snowed in and so he invited us over. It's all gone now.


  1. Pixel, what a gap you will leave.A darling girl who I am sure was so loved. More snow, I hear that it has arrived in Halifax. Lovely sleep sacks, do you have a pattern? Think the zucchini recipe is great, and as we have them growing right now, a wonderful time to try it.

  2. Sorry for sweet little Pixel, having been a part of you and your family for more than 19 years. You will miss her!
    Glas you all fot over the flu and that you were able to watch over your happiness (:
    Love the quilts. Marg's daughter will look beautiful with it!
    Happy week (:

  3. Being creative has helped get you through some tough times. We had a kitty that resembled your Pixel. She passed at age 11. I tried to help her stay longer, but learned not to do that again. If their time has come, we must let them go. Your baby lived a very long life.

  4. So sorry about your kitty - it's so sad when we lose a pet. She had a long and much-loved life. Glad to hear that all are recovering from the dreaded grunge - it seems to be rampant this year.

  5. The sleep sacks sound a better and better idea with every picture you show! The narrower lap quilts will be so much appreciated by wheelchair users and their helpers. The extra width can be a safety risk, and the lower corners can easily get dirty on walks outdoors. Now you have enough blocks for a third quilt, in orange and blue!

  6. We had that flu here too. I was sick for a few weeks. Then spent 2 weeks in hospital with a kidney infection. Lovely sleep sacks. My condolences to you on the loss of Pixel. She had a nice long cat life!

  7. Well I'm sure glad you're all feeling better! Love the sleep sack, and that Teemu can see the animals properly when he wears it. Congratulations to Casey!!!!
    Love the quilts - good tip on the size, don't want them getting caught in the wheels!


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