Saturday, November 12, 2016

Durham Trillium Quilt Show - Part three

More photos. Enjoy.

This year's Row by Row. The theme was "home sweet home."

Last year's Row by Row where the theme was H2O.

A gift for a husband.

A pattern called Quiet Cove by Canadian, Joni Newman.

A close-up of a fun quilt for a child.

Same pattern as the quilt above but it looks totally different.

And yet again, the same pattern.

One more mystery quilt and I leave you with this one...

"Chubby Chicks" one of two quilts made for 3 year old twins.

I hope you enjoyed the show.


  1. I did enjoy this show. Thank you so much for sharing. Laughed at the "My dam scraps eh?" on the Home sweet Home row by row quilt. I think it is my favourite but so many others are wonderful too. Like the last one. Too cute! ;^)

  2. Super, super show, so many different quilts! I really like "Quiet Cove"!

  3. Looks like a great show. Thanks for all the photos Dolores. Hard to pick a favourite!

  4. Thank you fir the photos! Was there a pattern name for the guild mystery quilt? I would love to make it myself.

  5. I did enjoy it; thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you once again for taking us to a quilt show!

  7. Quiet Cove and the blue & white one caught my eye this time. My favourite colour is blue so of course I liked that one!


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