Tuesday, August 2, 2016

All about my little people sewing

I do like sewing - a lot. I love sewing things that get used.

Hallowe'en costumes are always fun. Luc was a pirate last year and Patric was a parrot.

The pattern for this outfit was a freebie off the internet and was fun to make.

Capes are easy and a great way for me to use up some of the broadcloth I've accumulated. These are reversible with two different colours and on one side I put their initials. Another free internet pattern.

This hat that Teemu is wearing was made for Luc when I was looking after him. It's made with one of Luc's daddy's old t-shirts. The neckerchief or drool bib is made from a scrap of flannel that was left over from making Luc and his brother Patric some pajamas.

This is a fat quarter that was just hanging around my sewing room. I thought it had potential for the outfits I was working on.

I had already made the girls some shorts and I didn't want to keep the tops plain.

I'm not a lover of ric rak. It was something I used when I first began sewing as a little girl. I used it and other trims my mom had on my dolls' clothes. The motifs on the fat quarter just seemed to look like fun circular flowers to me and a good chance for me to use some up some of the ric rak.

These were made last week. I'm pretty sure I made the top for one of my girls but I have no idea why it called for a 7" zipper. The neck areas seemed big enough to go over the twins' heads. I kept most of my old patterns and have augmented them with new ones but they sure are a lot more expensive now.

Teemu's mom sent the family a photo of the little guy yesterday.

His whole outfit was made by me. The shirt was actually made for either Luc or Patric but the shorts and hat were made just for him. I made loads of short sleeved shirts for my two sons as they were growing up. I'm glad I get to use my patterns and fabrics for next generation of little people.

There will be more outfits to sew.

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  1. Everything looks so nice and comfortable too. The basic patterns remain the same, and the fabric choices make them look up to date or vintage, if you choose. Great idea to cheer up the twins' tops with the appliqued flowers and ric rac.

  2. I still have the "Enid Gilchrist" book with patterns to draft out, that I use some 50 years ago. Goodies like that and yours last forever. Love the applique, and that hat, perfect.

  3. Your "little people" are very lucky! What cute things you make for them.

  4. Lucky kiddies, Dolores! I especially love the pirate! You are a master seamstress.

  5. You have the best-dressed little ones around! I've never been a huge fan of ric rac either, until I discovered it's uses in crazy quilting.


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