Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Using up the stash

I have been sewing for years and in that time, I have accumulated a lot of different fabrics. I started sewing doll clothes and then made most of my own clothes in high school and beyond. My children  grew up with handmade clothing and then, in 1980, I began quilting.

Trying to use up my stash means getting creative. Having grandchildren means I can use up the smaller pieces of fabric. Since I sewed quite a bit for my own children, I have quite a few patterns so there isn't any need to buy much to make anything. Most of my purchases lately have been for thread, velcro and elastic.

These flannel pajamas were Christmas gifts to my 4 year old grandson, Luc. I wanted to use up the navy blue plaid because there wasn't much there and the lines weren't all that straight on one end of the piece. Luckily, I had a solid navy flannel that worked well. The balloon flannel was around last year when I was making pajamas but I never used it. All that was left of these fabrics was a small piece of the plaid flannel and I will use it up as 'batting' for a bib for my littlest grandson.

I did have enough yellow buttons but I decided to alternate them with light blue ones. 


  1. I suspect making jammies might be on my horizon too, once Logan is big enough to start wearing them. I already am on call to make sleep pants for my boys - they are both really tall and can't get them long enough from the store.


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