Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Today's sewing

I am in the process of making little boys' clothing. Luc and Patric are in Ontario and at the moment they are up north visiting their dad's relatives. They arrived last Thursday and left for Sudbury on Saturday but they will be coming back tomorrow. Then it's off to the aquarium, family dinner on Good Friday with all of us and back home to BC early Saturday morning. Lots of travelling. So, I thought that since they are here, I could try out some patterns and if they work, I can use them again once they are gone and I can then send them as many items of clothing as I want to make. I will at least know if the patterns are the correct size.

This is a dark green twill. I had a piece of fabric just sitting on my shelf and, since it was 60 inches wide, I got a pair of pants for Luc out of it. It still needs an elastic and it needs to be hemmed but I have to have Luc try it on.

I'll be working on this shirt for Luc tonight. It's a brushed fabric in light green. Hopefully, I will have time to make Patric a short sleeved shirt for the summer. He gets his brother's hand-me-downs but it's always nice to get something new.

Picked these up for the boys. They are bubble blowers. I also bought some more bubble bath. They love 'bubbles.'

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  1. I love your works in progress - and especially love Luc's name - my son's name as well :) beautiful bubble blowers too!! came via esther's blog :)

  2. You do know that you're adding some more 'bestest-grandma-in-the-world' stars to your crown?!! Lucky little boys to have you to create for them.

  3. Hello Dolores,

    Lucky to have the boys on hand to fit the clothes and take elastic measurements. The boys will have fun with the bubble blowers, they look rather cute. Have a lovely Easter together.

    Happy days.

  4. I think you deserve the Grandma of the Year award.

  5. Such fun bubble blowers! How exciting for the boys (o:

  6. Glad you ate making something for the little one. Little brothers love to have things just for them.

  7. I agree with all the comments that say what a great grandmother you are,

  8. Yup, have to agree with the 'best grandma' comments ;)


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