Friday, January 23, 2015

Little boys and toys

I wanted to get a photo of the boys wearing their aprons. As anyone who knows little ones, they don't stand still for long so here they are, watching cartoons. It didn't last long. Patric took off shortly after this photo was taken.
 I bought two of these just after Christmas when everything went on sale. This was the reason the boys had to have their aprons on.

Here's Luc's. He was neater with putting the candies on.

Patric was doing well decorating his gingerbread man until he noticed that his brother was eating some of the candies. That's when the eating began and the decorating  - not so much. Note the green icing on his fingers.

I was lucky enough to spend a bit of time yesterday in my sewing room making this puppet. It's a free pattern from Martha Stewart's web site. The dog itself is made by a Canadian company Cate and Levi using felted sweaters. I have a lot of different coloured fleece so that's what I used along with flannel for the ears.

I searched for a pattern like this one because I figured that it would be easier for little hands to use than the kind of puppet that had arms.

Once I figured out the instructions (there is a video but it's not that detailed), it was easy to make. I used buttons for the eyes since I have so many buttons in my stash.

I even had time today to make a cat.

I like the books about Pete the Cat so I modelled this puppet after him.
I'm hoping that these will amuse the little boys when they travel homeward on Sunday since it's an all day journey involving two airplanes.


  1. Love your puppets, they will be a lot of fun. I am surprised you got the boys to be still long enough for a picture. They are two cuties.

  2. Adorable, boys and puppets. What a great combination for a day-long journey!

  3. Oh! So cute! The boys are adorable and your puppets turned out fantastic!

  4. The boys look like they had a lot of fun eating, lol - the puppets are great, oh that's a long time to be flying. Great idea on the puppets!!!

  5. Very cute grandsons! The puppets are a great idea for the flight.


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