Friday, November 16, 2012


I have made pulla, a Finnish coffee bread with cardamom, the old fashioned way but while my eldest daughter was here she made it with the bread machine. I watched and learned.

Success. My very first bread machine pulla.
I offered one to my youngest son who missed out on getting his own but unfortunately, he is out of town. Now I'm wondering who is going to show up to take one of these off our hands.
The weekend is supposed to be great weather and we are going to be visitng a few Christmas bazaars and craft shows to see what we can pick up.


  1. I love pulla too! My sister also makes it with the bread machine. Do you know that The Finnish Store up in Richmond Hill sells the pearl sugar to put on top?

    But I'm sure it's good either way!

  2. Isn't it lovely going to Christmas Craft Fairs etc.That pulla looks SCRUMMY!!YUM!!

  3. Your pulla looks just right! It's very tasty even from the freezer, but here it usually disappears within hours.

  4. The pulla looks delicious ,I've never heard of it,but will definately look up the recipe.
    Laura xx

  5. Nam, pulla! I wish I lived close to you, so that I could get a cup of coffee with pulla ;o)

  6. Oh, that looks yummy! I'll be right over to take it off your hands! Happy craft fair hunting.

  7. Hello Dolores,

    That bread certainly looks appetizing. Love the taste of Cardamon. Hope you had a enjoyable time at the fairs.

    happy days.

  8. How wonderful to be greeted by 'pulla' on my first visit to your blog! I immediately thought you must be Finnish, and as I explored through some more posts, I think you are. And I love your quilt work.

    Thanks so much for commenting at my blog, thus introducing yourself. I'm always interested in meeting other Finns and Finnish-Canadians. You are in Toronto, I think? It has a large Finnish population compared to Vancouver and includes a cousin of mine. We do have a Scandinavian Centre here and we're looking forward to the Christmas craft sale next weekend, where we'll buy pulla and piirakkas! I used to make pulla but because I have to avoid wheat, I don't anymore.

    I shall be following your blog, so glad to know of it!

  9. Yummm! Sounds and LOOKS Deelish!

  10. I can almost smell it! It looks delicious.

  11. Ohhh , I'm so jealous. I still have no oven hooked up....the cabinet company is just not doing a proper job....the 3rd attempt on the oven opening is still not right...waaaahhhhhh ... no Christmas baking will take place at all methinks.... I am soooo disappointed in those guys. And so darn mad I could spit!!


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