Friday, July 20, 2012

It's here

I love art and I have a yellow wall that I have been wanting to make some tile quilts for but things just haven't worked out so far. My daughter had a coupon for a canvas work of art. I didn't really have any suitable photos but my daughter sent me some of her photos that she thought would work. The first ones were taken when she visited Guanajuato, Mexico in 2009.

There was this colourful one and I really liked it.

This one had colourful doors and wall.

A nice evening shot.

My favourite colour blue.

The peeling wall.

And this tile water fountain of a site that she worked on when she was in California.

It takes 4 to 6 weeks to make the canvas and get it delivered and I have been anxiously waiting. Walmart has similar canvas photos that you can get done and I'm sure the timeline is less. I don't know what the quality would be though. My daughter has already had two done by this company so she knows the quality is good. 
Well, yesterday my daughter got an email to say that FedEx will deliver it today so I was waiting. Here it is.

My daughter photoshopped out the signs on the door and the wall.

And here it is being held up by me against the yellow wall which is actually a much richer yellow than how this photo shows it.

Thank you Maili. You take great photos.


  1. This will make a wonderful piece of art.What a colourful place Mexico must be.

  2. Such beautiful photos! I didn't know you could get photos onto canvas - great idea!

  3. Maili really took & posted you nice photos... and I think you chose just right of them!

  4. Oh my how gorgeous - Dolores it looks wonderful on your wall! How perfect!

  5. Hi Dolores,

    Maili's photographs are wonderful of her travels and I really like the one you have chosen for you wall.
    Looks great.

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend

  6. I've seen this technique and think it would be perfect for a Portugal photo for us to put on the new kitchen wall...when they put the wall back...hahhha... I'm down and out most days right now...power off...power on we are in the midst of the total chaos of renovation.....acckkkk!!

  7. That is gorgeous. It looks fantastic on that wall. Your daughter is a talented photographer.

  8. This is my first time visiting you.. Oh I love your photo and especially love the first on I would love to to a quilt IOC that but not sure I could. So happy I dropped by to see a fellow Canadian's blog.

  9. Beautiful photos! I like your finished canvas and how your daughter photoshopped it.

  10. Indeed these are wonderful photos.

  11. oh these are gorgeous pictures! Did you get your newsletter?
    I have a new blog


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