Sunday, January 29, 2012

Small things

While little Luc was here, the sewing machine was not idle.

Luc usually feeds himself if the food items are chunks like avocado, banana, cheerios or toast. He really gets messy and when he was here, he only had one big bib which was a converted tea towel. I decided to make him a couple more and took some fabric off my shelf that I was just going to use for bag linings or something. This is done pillowcase style and was so easy to make. It is, of course, double and washed so well. I was happy to get the fabric used up and off my shelf. Luc doesn't care what it looks like and I have other fabric in my sewing room that I plan on using to make more. They are approximately 17" X 19". I also have a lot of double fold bias tape so I was happy to use some of it up too.

I think I had one metre of fabric and it yielded three bibs. These were in constant use and then were put into the washing machine. They got caked on food quickly but at least Luc's clothes stayed clean.

I also had time to make him some fleece pants. Some had elastic at the hem and some didn't.


  1. He is one lucky little boy, you know - he has a very clever grandma!!!

  2. Bibs are essential for messy eaters! The fleece pants are warm and dry fast. Nice colours!

  3. You can't have too many bibs. The same is true for sturdy warm pants for an active little boy. Luc is very lucky.

  4. Cute bibs - what a lucky little guy!

  5. love the bibs! and an excellent way to use up "extra" fabric... I am wondering if I make some who could I give them too??? (no babies or toddlers around me)

  6. How very clever to make Luc those big bibs and fleece pants! No doubt he will get a lot of use out of them:-) Sometimes those cute little bibs you can buy just don't cut it when it comes to a child eating! lol xoxo


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