Saturday, May 7, 2011

Region of York Quilt Show Part Two

So, continuing on...
 A wavy bargello.

Looks like a red and white version of the bento box pattern.

I have toyed with the idea of making a watercolour quilt and this one struck me as doable.

See, it's easier to make gradations of fabric when it's only a small square. I took a couple more close-ups.

A great way to use up those floral fabrics in the stash...

This was such a nice sampler.

This one was a bit different as a sampler.

It had a 3D booklet with a photo inside.

I don't think anyone is quite ready for Christmas but this was a kit and I thought it was cute.

More scraps. White always sets them off.

This pattern is called Jester's Court.

A pretty medallion quilt where the fabric does most of the work.

This one reminded me of a sampler that one would do to try out the block.

Another scrap quilt but in much lighter colours this time.

Jacob's Ladder done in gradations of scraps.

The quilt maker started this quilt when her daughter was about 10 and liked pink. After collecting all the different pinks and getting it done, her daughter announced (as a 16 year old) that pink was no longer her favourite colour.

 Gorgeous bright colours.

Black and white - with a touch of red.

A selection of Asian-inspired fabrics are highlighted.

I really do like the border on this quilt. A departure from a solid piece of fabric.

And now, this is the end. My camera battery had quit but I really hoped I could get a shot of this batik Greek key pattern. As you can see, after grabbing a bite to eat, we came back and I got my photo.


  1. Thanks for taking me there Dolores :-) x x x I put my gloves on first :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing these....great quilts and good show. Also for extra photos of the watercolor quilt. My favorite.

  3. I like that you're gooing to all these quilt shows and posting pictures. I think the wavy bargello may be my favorite.

  4. Yummy quilts! I love Jester's Court - and the Greek key - the 3D booklet - and that pink one! I'd have to hurt someone if I put all that work into it and they didn't want it, lol!

  5. What wonderful inspirations Dolores! Looks like a great showing of quilts there!!! Thanks for sharing! 8-)

  6. Great quilt photos Dolores. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  7. Awesome!Love the samplers.

  8. I adore quilts and the work that goes into them (a cushion is about my limit though) ha ha



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