Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mail goodies and other things

I was fortunate to win a couple of things in the One World One Heart blog tour recently.

I won these five wonderful patterns from Jill at Jillily Studio. The waves are 3-D prairie points on the Ahoy! pattern.

 I was also very fortunate to win these mini journals. I had my choice of papers and cover colours. I requested watercolour paper inside and I left the cover colours to Sophie of the Art of Being Miss Kool Aid. What a cute blog title.

These are linkable note books. I plan on using them for creative ideas.

That's one of the reasons I requested watercolour paper - so I can use my watercolour pencil crayons.

Please excuse the sideways photo but blogger wasn't letting me turn it.

Here's my amaryllis. It was on sale about a month ago. I guess they wanted to get rid of the ones they had and so they were already planted. All I did was bring it home and water it.

One day.

The next day.

The day after that.

Today. Just a little bit of colour in my kitchen. A change from tulips and daffodils.

Working on some secret projects. I will post the finished item once it has been received. These are some Dilly Dally charm squares with some of my own fabrics mixed in. I didn't like the blacks that were in the charm square package and so I took them out.

I don't know why the colours don't come out the way they should. This is a soft green colour. It's a surprise and so I can't show it yet. Once it's complete and received, I will show the whole thing. I amazed myself by knitting this. I am not as dumb as I thought. Maybe one day I will be knitting socks...


  1. Congrats on your great wins - love that Ahoy pattern, too cute! Your amaryllis is so gorgeous, I've never tried one myself. Can't wait to see your finished projects!

  2. Your amaryllis is gorgeous! I didn't get one this year and now I really wish I had. I've been eyeing all the tulips and daffs in the grocery store so I think I might just succumb and buy myself some!

  3. Great wins, especially the notebooks. I had some amaryllis for Christmas but never tried to keep them alive for the next season like my mother does. They are so big and full of energy!

  4. Isn't it so much fun getting these OWOH prizes in the mailbox instead of ordinary bills? lol I'm almost embarrassed to say that I won 19 OWOH prizes and last year 18...but I can't win a million dollars! LOL Love what you received!!

    Your amaryllis is just beautiful. I had one a few years ago but it eventually died on me. I'm not good with plants inside the house, I'm better with outside plants! lol

    Secret projects....oooh, those are the best kind:-) Have a great weekend my friend. xoxo

  5. Hi Dolores,

    Congratulations for all the lovely wins!
    Your Amaryllis is gorgeous and wonder do you plant it out in the garden now or will it keep okay in the pot?
    Well done for the lovely knitting, it is good fun and can be quite addictive.

    Happy weekend

  6. Whatever that knitty is - it is awesome!

  7. Well done with your winings Dolores :-) You can knit after all, can't wait to see the whole thing :-)xxx

  8. Those flowers are so pretty! I had a white one this year.
    Congratulations on your knitting skills! Look forward to see it as a whole (o:

  9. Congratulations on winning.
    If you want to stand a chance of winning some of our cute penguin buttons, head over to our ButtonMad blog and take a look at the give away we are running - it ends tonight.
    Good luck if you do enter.


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