Thursday, February 24, 2011


Here's the latest A Needle Pulling Thread magazine that came in the mail yesterday.

Once again, it has something for everyone, knitter, quilter, hooker (rug hooker) and cross stitcher.

  Spring Bliss, doll making and embroidery (with a journal cover) are by two talented ladies - Lucy Garvin and Sherry Del Rizzo.

Some socks to knit for those spring days ahead.

 Part of the ongoing International Santa Series. And there is a knitted corset, beaded Pysanky Eggs, a wonderful display of rug hooking depicting the vanishing Saskatchewan grain elevators, and much, much more. A truly wonderful magazine and one of the very few I subscribe to these days.

Update on this, the baby blanket in shell stitch - I am currently working on row 49.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. This came in the mail yesterday too.

It's a cross stitch chart and, even though it has 2000 on it, it can easily be left out or changed to 2011 or 2012, etc. Anyway, I came by it because I follow Virpi's blog. She is a stay-at-home mom with 6 children and she does a whole lot of cross stitch. Not too long ago she was cleaning out some of her patterns and I was lucky enough to snag this. Drop in and take a look at what she's been working on lately.


  1. What a gorgeous magazine! Gosh those dolls!!! I'm heading out to see if I can find a copy at the bookstore.
    : ) I'm in there this summer with a modern child's quilt and I feel it's sooo not fancy enough! :( But next year I'll have my art featured. I'll feel better about that. There's much more handiwork in it. It's 'prettier'. : )

  2. I really love the blanket you are making! I can almost feel how soft it is.
    Love your previous post too, with the old magazines!

  3. Wow - the magazine would be worth it just for the dolls, they are gorgeous! Your baby blanket is beautiful. Love the cross-stitch too - something my eyes would never let me do - but glad you snagged it!

  4. I love that magazine and it's so much better that it's Canadian - I don't know any other needlework ones that are from here.

  5. those dolls are lovely!! I was so happy to get your comment. I have been a very poor visitor lately, I don't know where the time goes. Have a lovely weekend. x

  6. Don't you just love it when the newest issues come out? I'm addicted to Bliss Victoria and yesterday when I brought mom shopping, I found the newest issue so it really made my day! lol I had stopped in at the thrift store as well and noticed tons of old knitting magazines...too bad I don't knit:-( The baby blanket you're working on is just gorgeous, love that stitch!! xoxo

  7. Love to visit the new (to me) blog :-)
    You know, I can crochet... but never follow a pattern. To me, it's like trying to read upside down and backwards :-) x x x
    Clever lady :-) :-) :-) x x x

  8. That looks a very worthy magazine- LOVE the socks and the dolls of course- Your baby blanket looks thumb sucking great!

  9. Looks like a great magazine.
    And you have been very busy! Your baby blanket is gorgeous!

  10. Hi Dolores,

    This is an amazing magazine and I have a Canadian friend Nancy, who had an article in this a while back and she sent me a copy.
    The blanket you are making is lovely, also love the cross stitch and the pair of socks.

    Happy weekend

  11. Thats a great magazine! Love those dolls. I hope you make those cause I would like to see some pics of them!

  12. The blankie is turning out really nice Narelle, and lovely cross-stitch you've received! 8-)


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