Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am certainly blessed when it comes to friends from my blog world. Look what came in today's mail.

It's from Mary-Frances of Outside the Line. All I did was ask if there was such a thing as a 9 1/2" square ruler because on her blog, she showed an 8 1/2" one that she used. I wanted to make an applique quilt with 9 1/2" blocks. She kindly said she would check it out on her next excursion to the quilt store. Well, as you can see, yes, they did have one and so she sent it to me all the way from Alberta and in the same package she sent that gorgeous fabric. I have tried and tried to take a photo showing the lovely light green of the bottom fabric but it just won't come out true. She would not let me reimburse her for any of it but I will most definitely pay her wonderful generosity forward. Go check out Mary's blog. She is undergoing some renovations right now but if you check out her archive, you will see that she has made some wonderful quilts. Become a follower and you can keep up with her creativity.

I would also like to thank Michele of the Textile Traveler. I was the winner of her recent giveaway of a 6 month membership to "The Quilt Show." Thank you Michele. I know I will be learning from some very interesting professionals in the quilt world. Michele is from Texas and is multi-talented. Not only does she quilt but she draws and paints too. Go check her out and see what she is up to.


  1. I had no idea there were so many sizes of quilt rulers - I'll have to check into that myself! What lovely fabric and how sweet of her to send you such a lovely package!

    Dolores, I won a 6 month subscription to this too, on Debbie's Jerusalem Notes blog. Congratulations to you - it's going to be so much fun to learn!

  2. lucky you!! I have also found that there are some unbelievably kind people out there who I would never have known if it hadn't been for my blog. It makes you realise there is a lot of good in the world and yes, I will show the whole thing when it's finished.

  3. Very lucky you! How nice it is to meet such generous and caring people through our blogs. Looking forward to seeing what you learn/create with the course!

  4. The blogging world for quilters is amazing! It surprises me every day.

  5. this is so funny,,, I won a subscription as well on fiber Nation... but was posting to tell you I am a fellow Canadian, who stumbled onto Sweet Prairie's blog and she sent me onto you.
    So I will join you as a follower. I live on Manitoulin Island. Will you be attending CQA London in May?

  6. What a lucky gal you are!!! Wonderful mailbox goodies! 8-)


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