Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Special Mail

Here I am Soggibottom crew. I made it safe and sound so stop frettin' Amie Midge. I'm just having a big stretch to get all them there kinks out of the joints.

It sure was crowded in that little box.

Midge sure knows how to pack but that was OK 'cause I was well padded when those blokes at the post offices started throwin' them there packages around.

After I got a bit fluffed up I met with that hairy dog Baxter. He's bigger than you Amie but just as nice (well, almost.) He just awoke from his nap so I just let him be. We just sniffed each other a bit - gettin' to know one another.

Then I thought I'd go see the kitty. Her name is Pixel and maybe I shouldn't have woke her either. I think she got a little scared o' me because she left right off. There was another kitty too but I didn't meet her until much later in the day.

Well, the missus over here is lookin' after me real well. She's got one of them computer things too and I sit and watch her using it. We snacked a bit on tea and honey. I guess I have to get used to all the different foods and things now that I'm in Canada. Excitin' times ahead.

The missus told me how much she liked all the stuff that were in the box with me keeping me all warm and squished - and not hurtin' when them there blokes was throwin' the packages. And here I was thinkin' it was just stuff to keep me from getting all bounced around. Don't worry Midge - I'll mind my p’s and q’s and make you proud o’ me. The missus told me to tell you that I’ll be havin’ my picture took every once in a while and we can send them to you so you and the rest of the Soggibottom crew won't miss me so much.
Well, that was a long trip. I'm off for a nap.


  1. Oh what a darling bear.I'm glad it has fitted in well with Pixel, and Baxter- you wouldn't want any of those nasty "territory" battles would you?Do bears that size eat much?Does it have a special plate to eat from. Does it have anyplaymates its own size.giants like dogs and cats and humans can be a bit overpowering!!

  2. Cute teddy! Glad it's settling in with the resident furries.

  3. The cutest little bear! I love how it introduces itself to the the house friends!

  4. Sweet wee bear! Did you know what a group of bears is called? A hug (and how appropriate is that!!).

  5. Wow, did I really manage to put all of that in one small box. :-)
    Ron Slippers looks as if he is going to enjoy being on the other side of the pond. I'm happy to think he has found a very good home. He was brought up with Amie Soto Blossom and fluffies so I don't think he will give Beautiful Baxter or Pixel a hard time. :-)
    love Midge x x x

  6. Pssst! Ask for Maple Syrup - it's even better than honey! Glad you weren't sick in your box on the plane over. Eww, that would have been awful!

  7. Hi Dolores,

    Glad your cute bear arrived safely and is now able to settle into his new home.
    Lovely photos with Baxter and Pixel.

    Have a happy week

  8. Awww - he looks SO HAPPY to be there! Isn't Midge just the best!

  9. I enjoyed reading the first moments of that cute little bear in his new home;)

  10. your new little friend is adorable....so glad he had a good trip!!! xox, :))


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