Thursday, April 16, 2009

Niagara Falls and finishes

As I was nodding off to sleep, I was thinking of my new header photo. It brought the Three Stooges to mind. If you remember them, then perhaps you may remember "Niagara Falls...Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch...."
So, I decided to see if there was a youtube on it and here it is:

I liked Curly best of all - the original one that's in this clip.
I wonder if Niagara Falls is still the Honeymoon Capital of the World???

On a different note, little one (youngest child, youngest daughter) just found out that she passed her real estate exam. I guess she is now officially a real estate agent. It was a trying time for her since it took her forever to get through (pass) with part two (there's three parts to being a bona fide real estate agent.)
Daughter-in-law finished her masters program last Friday and so she can officially read for pleasure now. (It's a good feeling - honest, been there, done that last year.)


  1. Great YouTube clip! I've never seen the majority of those shows...

    Congrats with all the family finishes! Great stuff! 8-)

  2. Great video Dolores.

    Big Congratulations to your Children and you must be feeling so proud.

    Enjoy your weekend

  3. congrats to your daughter...and I love the shot of the falls.... never seen them in real life....

    oh, no.... after your comment on mine, I am hoping our city doesn't follow blindly along...adding more bins and cans... good grief!.... why can't we all just take it to the huge bins like a lot of us already do? I bet it doesn't really encourage that many more to recycle if they don't already...and, now that you mention it...I wonder if they will cut garbage pickup back to once every two weeks, thinking the recycling will reduce other garbage? I already have only one tiny bag full...from a mini garbage can...and you are absolutely correct...they much prefer a bag to toss in rather than emptying each and every can.... poor guys...this will drive some of them to distraction....

  4. Congrats to your youngest daughter and your daughter-in-law, Dolores!


  5. I second that wonderful feeling of being able to read just for pleasure again after finishing a Masters degree. Whew...and it takes awhile to even want to!


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