Saturday, May 18, 2013

Various things

Here's the final 5 little doll quilts with their little pillows that our little group, the Champagne Quilters, have made for the Toys for Tots campaign in connection with the Superior Association of Woodworkers.

All of this putting fabrics together for these little quilts has inspired Marg to make a few for her church bazaar.
My Christmas cactus has decided to bloom.
This was my backyard last week. The pear tree was in bloom, the forsythia were blooming and there is another tree to the left peeking through that has pretty pink flowers. They are still blooming but the wind came at took some away.
Mother Nature never fails to surprise us. Even though it wasn't cold, we did get hail last week (click on the photo for a bigger view.) These are my front steps and yes, they do need a good paint job but I'm hoping that they get stripped and stained instead of painted. Our hail wasn't as big as some other people got in the suburbs. There, they got golf ball sized hail.
I have started yet another new project but this time, it's cross stitch. I needed something that I could do in the evening while watching TV. I have already changed the colours. This is from Stitchy Kitty's web site and these squares were supposed to be pink, alternating with red. I don't really like red and pink together. Two shades of blue are more to my liking.
I'm still working away on Patric's baby quilt but it's slow going. I added to some of the blocks that I already made and changed the last bear's colouring. Having to re-think things is taking time but it will be up on the frames ready to hand quilt shortly (I hope.)


  1. Had to smile when I saw your Christmas cactus. One of mine flowered a couple of weeks ago. Can't wait to see your stitchery.

  2. We didn't get hail just slushy sleet. What a shock! I had taken in my hanging baskets thank goodness because my hubby said we might get frost.

    I'm not a big fan of pink anything so I'd probably change the colours too. I must go and check out Stitchy Kitty...sounds interesting:)

  3. There is no predicting the weather anymore. I used to cross stitch a lot; I should think about taking it up again.

  4. I really like the idea of the collaboration making doll beds and quilts to go with them. Great idea! I'm envious of your cactus blooming. I have three - a Christmas cactus and two different orchid cactus (cacti?) and they flatly refuse to even grow or bloom in the apartment. We face east now and they evidently aren't happy about it. I keep hoping they will acclimatize but after two years I guess it's not going to happen.

  5. hey, yours bloomed at a rather odd time as well.... mine did it a few weeks ago...


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