Sunday, May 5, 2013

Halton Quilt Show 2013 Part One

Before I show you the lovely quilts, I would like to thank all of the volunteers who put so much work into finding a quilt show venue, signing up vendors, seeking out advertising outlets, printing up programs, registering quilts, hanging them, taking them down and showing up on the days of the show to take admission, be white glove ladies or work in the kitchen feeding the hungry public. I appreciate all of the work that goes into a quilt show and these volunteers give of their time so generously.

I have been going to the Halton Quilt Show for years. In the beginning it was in a much smaller venue and a yearly show but I don't think they have ever had kitchen facilities. In my thanks above, I did thank the ladies who do work in the kitchen because quite a few shows do have a place where one can purchase a snack or light lunch. The thanks goes to all the other shows I have attended where food has been available. This year, the Halton Quilt Show took place at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, just outside Toronto. I think they have been there now for 3 years. While it was a gorgeous place with lots of space, one room has limited lighting and at times, it made it hard to see the quilts properly. This show took place from April 27-28th.
Now, on with the show.

I love this part of the building. Light and airy.
I never did take a good look at how these quilts were suspended.
See, the lower level had vendors. What a great place to shop. There was another vendor location but it was in a place where the lighting was not half as good as this.
Most of the quilts were machine quilted.
Circles, circles and more circles.
The blurb for the quilt above.
I like this but if it were put on a bed, the houses in the borders would be lost. I guess it's meant as a big wall quilt.
Another quilt along the same general idea. Much brighter colours.
While I am not particularly fond of red, I do like this quilt. It could be because of the border.
This is called Rainbow at Sea and was made for the maker's granddaughter as a dorm quilt in just 28 days.
Some of the border scallops appear lost but I like the colours that were used.
A lot of work has gone into this Dresden Plate.
Here's a close-up of the machine quilting.
Two colour quilts are always effective.
Since I am making one of these for little Patric, my eye immediately caught this one.
The blurb for the quilt.
Hand appliqued.
A paler version.
Hand quilted.
This was a group effort.
The blurb for the previous quilt.
I do like this quilt. I may make my own one day.
The blurb.
I leave you today with this colourful quilt.
I'll post more tomorrow.


  1. All lovely work! Did you have any of your quilts in it?
    Your work is just as good.

  2. Thank you for sharing your pics of all the wonderful quilts,

  3. Thanks for all the eye candy. Beautiful!

  4. beautiful quilts and great photos, including the wording, makes us realise the thought and ideas behind all the stitching. Love the teddy bears so much. Cheers from Jean.

  5. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing.

  6. awesome show! I have been to their show as well for many years and had to miss this year. you are right it sure has gotten bigger.
    I went to 4 this weekend though and made up for it.
    thanks for sharing what I had missed. are you going to kitchener this year?

  7. Thanks for sharing such awesome quilts.

  8. Beautiful. Sad to say but I lived near the Botanical Gardens for about 15 years and I've never been there.

  9. I always love it when you take us to a quilt show. The brightly colored ones are my favorites here.


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