Thursday, May 2, 2013


I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on Maggie's blog.

Isn't it stunning?
Hand beaded by Maggie herself.
Returning home, I also found another package from my good friend V. at The "Bearister" Bookcase.
Fabric. Yeah!!
And here's what I just finished.
No, no, not the whole thing - I just added one block to this. It was quick. Just cut two 5 inch squares of one colour and sub-cut into 2.5 inch squares. Then cut two more 5 inch squares in a lighter or darker colour and sub-cut those into 2.5 inch squares. Sew them together alternating light and dark. Voila, you have an 8.5 inch 16-patch block. This will be for a single bed so I still have lots of blocks to cut and sew. It's a slow process.
 I have other things that I am working on but since I can't show them yet, this addition to my 16-patch will have to do.


  1. Lucky you! What a gorgeous bracelet. I love your 16-patch blocks. I think I will put this on my list of must-make quilts.

  2. Love your 16-patch blocks! Gorgeous bracelet!

  3. Bracelet looks good on you Dolores:) Glad you like it

  4. oooh... beads.... lucky you.... how pretty.

    I haven't made any new blocks for my white work project yet...but, I have excuses... golf began yesterday (yes was only a little chilly...brrr... -6C if you can believe it...who is more crazy than Canucks? ).. , and my yard is under construction... and... I have to bake and ... well, you know how it goes... fun sometimes gets put on the back burner..... darn it.. tomorrow I am stitching on my little cloth... or else!

    Looking forward to seeing some little 'brown guys' emerge every so often....

  5. The bracelet is lovely!

    And I really don't have the patience to do the quilting work you do. I am very impressed with that chequerboard.

  6. Beautiful bracelet. Loving your quilt squares.

  7. Lucky you! It's a beautiful bracelet:)


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