Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Once again

I have been absent from the blog, but for a very good reason. Once again, I have been in Kent, England visiting my daughter and her family.

My daughter Ayla and her son, Atticus. 

I was visiting to celebrate little Atticus' first birthday. I was there when he was born 11 weeks prematurely. It was a very scary time but he's doing very well now.

Just before I left, I was busy working on this little quilt.

Ayla has an English Springer Spaniel and wanted a small quilt for Atticus to use as a blankie. She saw the Spaniel as part of a bigger quilt by Karen Brow at Java House Quilts.

Once I enlarged the little dog, I auditioned borders and for some reason, everything came together quickly.

I stretched it on my smaller boards and started quilting it.

I kept the quilting simple. There are circles and half circles in the outer border.

The background was just quilted in the ditch.

I knew I had a template or stencil for animal paws and a dog bone. It was in my sewing room and when I went to look for it, it almost jumped off the shelf and into my hands.

This is the backing fabric I bought specifically for this quilt. It was purchased several months before I knew exactly what the front of the quilt was going to look like.

The quilt label - embroidered on Aida cloth. You can see the circle quilting I did for the outer border.

My daughter was totally surprised. She had no idea I was busy working on this quilt just before leaving.

Here's their English Springer Spaniel, Vixen. She's so good and patient with Atticus.

I still have more quilt show photos so I shall post them in the next day or two.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fall Quilt Show - Part 3

Continuing on...

Just a little close-up.

A different version. This one is in wool.

A really old pattern.

Something a little different.

I do like the colours in this quilt.

That's it for today. I hope some of the quilts have inspired you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Fall Quilt Show - Part 2

My apologies for not posting these photos sooner but I've been a bit busy looking after grandchildren. I shall endeavour to get through these photos in the next couple of days. There is another quilt show this weekend so I will be posting even more photos.

For those of you in the Toronto area, the quilt show is being hosted by the Yorkshire Rose Quilt Guild at the Ellesmere Community Recreation Centre,
20 Canadian Rd. Scarborough, Ont.
The show is on Saturday, September 22 from 10 - 5 and Sunday, September 23 from 10 - 4.
Here's a link to more information: https://canadianquilter.com/event/yorkshire-rose-quilt-show-2018/

And now, some more photos of the Buckhorn Quilters' Guild quilt show. Don't forget that if you wish to see a bigger version of any of the photos, just click on the picture.

I have found that the Bonnie Hunter patterns have so many pieces to them and quite often quilters make scrap quilts so it's refreshing to see a controlled palette being used.

I love the colours of this quilt. Nothing stands out; nothing is glaring. It's all a wonderful mix with an impressive border.

Just a little close-up of the work that went into this quilt.

The quilter really got creative with little yoyos and those embroidered stems are hand quilted on both sides.

This was machine quilted but I didn't hold that against it. I thought this was just a striking quilt.

Nice, eh? I just noticed the stitching on the navy border.

This looks just like a spool quilt, right?

But just look what you can do with your teeny tiny blocks. There certainly were a lot of little pieced blocks in this quilt. I suppose it could be one way to use up those little nine patch blocks that a lot of people were making and swapping at one time.

It's just a single Irish Chain but it just shows new quilters what you can do with the lowly nine patch.

This has a nice story to it.

I like explanations to how a quilt came together.

I'm having a lot of fun re-visiting the show. I'll have more photos to show you soon.