Thursday, October 1, 2015

Too short a visit

Our family received a surprise visit from my baby girl, Ayla, and her fiance, David, two weeks ago today. They came to celebrate the twins' first birthday, meet Teemu (who is now 4 months old), visit with family and friends and to plan a wedding. A lot got accomplished but then...

it was over much too quickly.
We brought them to the airport Tuesday evening and they took a 6 hour overnight flight back to jolly old England.

They shall return in January when the rest of the family from BC will be here so we can all celebrate Christmas. Again, it will be our 'second' Christmas but I don't think we'll keep the live tree this time. Too much mess and too many bare branches.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Just for me

I don't often buy things for myself except perhaps the odd book or magazine but lately, that has been a rare occurrence. Last year, when I was in BC visiting my daughter and her family, we went to some craft fairs. One of the venues had a small art shop where you could purchase local artisans' works. I love art and I love to support the local art scene whenever I can. There is also a Station House Gallery in town where I have been known to spend a few dollars on Christmas or birthday presents. Anyway, getting back to the craft fairs, there are some really talented people in this world.

This little wall hanging caught my eye.

As you can see, it is hand made.

A local artisan.

I also purchased this scarf for myself. Blue is my favourite colour.

And look, it's by the same person.

I think it's time I took the tags off and used the scarf and hung up the bear. My walls need a change.

My baby girl is in town with her fiance. Unexpected and a wonderful surprise. They go back to the UK on Tuesday so there hasn't been much creative time. The twins will be having their first birthday party on Sunday and little Teemu is now 4 months old so Ayla and David have been busy with lots of family time.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Next up and an addendum

This gorgeous Bird of Paradise quilt pattern by Cynthia England was made by my quilt buddy, Judy. For some reason, she didn't want it and gifted it to me. I think it's absolutely stunning and right now it's on the frame being hand quilted. Those little butterflies are not part of the pattern - I just added them. I am hoping to finish this one quickly so I can hang it up on my wall. It would have been on the frame sooner but after cutting, wetting and ironing the backing that I had originally chosen, I decided not to use it. It seemed a bit heavier and since I was going to hand quilt this, I figured it had enough thickness with some of the seams to warrant finding another backing. 
This is the one I ended up using. It too was a piece that Judy gave me so I thought that was appropriate.

The width was close to the length of the wall hanging and so the stripes go cross-wise on the back. I used it because it had the same green in it as in the border of the quilt.

Just a little update on my previous post.

I won these Kona solids when Brenda of Scraps and Strings hosted a giveaway from Sew Sisters quilt shop.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lucky me

I have been very fortunate this past year. I have commented on various blogs and ended up a winner at several giveaways in the past couple of months.

Felt Wee Folk-new Adventures: 120 Enchanting Dolls

I won an electronic copy of "Wee Folk" by Salley Mavor.

A pretzel pincushion and some great looking pins from Karen of Selvage Blog.

A seam ripper, an orphan block and some lovely layer cake fabrics from Deonn of Quiltscapes. This was as a result of a giveaway connected to a blog hop for Sew Sweet Simplicity, a BOM that was designed by Jacqueline Steves. Since Jacqueline of Sew Sweet Simplicity hosted the blog hop, I also won her e-book.

And, I also won some quilting stencils from Lori of Humble Quilts.

Just last month I won these wonderful batiks and this pattern from Marlene of KISSed Quilts.

This is Joy. She is the creation of Penny, of Art Journey, who was giving away one of her "Whisper" dolls every week in August and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners.

Here she is on my front door. I thought maybe the background and lighting were better to show her off. Just click on any of the photos to get a closer look at the beading on her legs and torso.

Just recently, I was also fortunate to win in a draw for a pattern of my choice from Dreamworthy Quilts. All I did was comment as a participant of the EQ Seasons Row A Long hosted by Marian of Seams to be Sew. They have some lovely, free patterns from various designers for you to make your own seasons row quilt.

Forgive me if I have forgotten to thank you Ann of The History Anorak. She was giving away books to readers who commented and I received the book, The Boy in the Smoke by Maureen Johnson, which both my husband and myself read and enjoyed. This was quite a while ago - so my apologies to Ann for my tardiness. Life just sometimes gets in the way.

All this just because on some blogs, all I did was leave a comment and Mr. Random Generator picked me. So, don't be afraid to comment - you just never know what's in store for you. And please check out the links to the various blogs which I have provided. You can find some very interesting things to see and read about.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


A couple of months ago I was one of the people who volunteered to test Mrs. Moen's Magic Star online class. I completed the class and gave her my feedback.

These five star blocks were the end result of the class. Since I was busy with other things, they just sat in my cupboard on the shelf along with some of my other UFOs. 

A couple of weeks ago I was reading Alida's blog and she mentioned wanting to make some charity quilts "to help the kids in the DC General Homeless Shelter" and requesting readers' help by "donating orphan blocks, partial blocks, or fabric (scraps, strips, leftover, uglies, whatever)." Well, since I too make charity quilts I started thinking about how I could help out. I remembered these five blocks - in essence, orphan blocks, and so I emailed Alida and got her address. I'm happy to report they arrived safely and she has a plan for these. Out of my house and being of some use. A win-win for everyone.

I'm working on a pirate outfit for little Luc for Hallowe'en. The pants are done and the shirt is almost finished. Then there's just the belt to make. I've been slow with the sewing because I've been helping out with looking after my baby grandchildren. Hilarious, adorable and oh so cuddly.