Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The old and the new

Last week I put the final quilting stitches in this quilt that was started sometime in the 1980s.

It's off the frame but it still needs to be bound. I also need to make a label and attach a hanging sleeve. This is a wall hanging, not a lap quilt.

I love it just as much now as I did when I first made it. The blocks are 12 inches so this is roughly 48" X 48". People might look at it and think it's a 'modern' quilt because it's graphic, doesn't have a border and uses all solid colours but I only ever used all solid colours in most of my quilts (then and now.) If memory serves, the colours are the same as the original pattern that I followed from the McCall's Quilt magazine. I should search for the magazine...

This is the reason why I put it aside and never finished quilting it. I had it all put together with backing and batting and it was all basted. I started quilting it in the centre with white quilting thread. I didn't even finish quilting the central motif. If you click on the photo and take a good look at the quilting, the teeny tiny quilting stitches are the old stitches. I was such a perfectionist when I first began quilting and would take out stitches if they weren't just right.
I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to quilt using all white thread or whether I should quilt in the same colour as the fabric. That was the reason this quilt was never completed. Early last year I finally decided that I would put it on the frame and quilt it intuitively. I used a small ruler to make all the straight lines and ended up quilting in the same colour as the fabrics - except I left the centre in white. I had to put it aside last year because I was doing a lot of wedding sewing.

Once I took it off the frame, I just threw it on a chair. I love the way the quilting shows up so nicely on the navy blue backing. One thing I always said to myself was that I wouldn't use black - I'd use navy instead. To this day, I have not used much black but that may change since I have a lot of solid black fabric to use up.

I am debating on whether to self bind this or use a separate binding. I used to only self bind quilts but I'm out of practice.

This is what I'm working on now.

Trying to choose eight different greens that go together for a baby quilt. I started it but had to take a break for Easter and then there were a few repair jobs to do. I think I can get back to working on this now.

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  1. Great to see a long awaited finish. I have also been tackling quilts started a while back. Shades of green .... what type of quilt block are you making?
    In stitches

  2. Your wall hanging is lovely. It was waiting for the right time to be finished.

  3. That is just gorgeous, Dolores, hard to believe it's from the 80's, it looks very fresh and modern. I think I started quilting in the 80's - and all calicos, lol.

  4. I love this wall hanging quilt! The gradual transition of colors reminds me of a watercolor quilt, although it's far from that. Very lovely!

  5. I love the wall hanging; the colors are pleasing and attractive. I guess it's timeless.

  6. The wall hanging is beautiful and looks as fresh as when you started it.
    The green baby quilt beginnigs look very promising!

  7. I'm sure it feels good to have the quilting finished! You're not the only one to have a project or two that have been "languishing".. waiting, waiting... :)
    Love all those greens!


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