Saturday, April 22, 2017

East Lake Simcoe Quilt Show - Part one

This guild has only been together for about five years and this was their first quilt show. It was held in a church and most of the quilts were draped over the pews. I hope you enjoy the beauty that fabric, pattern and needle can achieve.

This was fun. The zigzag stitching was so tiny.

Each bird had her own name.

There were lovely applique quilts.

This was a small quilt - not even 12 inches square.

There were a few items of clothing.

Loads and loads of quilts to view.

The Canadian behind the Quirks and Quilts designs is Joni Newman. Judy and I have a couple of her stained glass landscape patterns.

As I said, loads of quilts to view.

Nice to see a different colour background.

There were quite a few quilts that had a focus fabric as the main block or a panel with blocks added to make it bigger.

That's it for today. More tomorrow.


  1. What a successful yet fairly new guild. Beautiful work, I could never pick a favorite, although attic windows impresses me because the effect is maintained throughout many color changes!

  2. So many, and every one beautiful, but " Water Lily" is my choice. What a great setting for them all.

  3. Looks like big show! Lots of wonderful quilts. I love the Hens on Heels and the Christmas Baltimore!

  4. For such a young guild they obviously have mounted a very successful show. It's interesting how they chose to display the quilts too.


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