Sunday, April 2, 2017

Quilt show

This past weekend, the Region of York Quilters' Guild held their quilt show in Newmarket. As always, there was lots to see and a selection of vendors. Neither I nor my friend Judy bought anything - although we were tempted. We've been quilting for years and years so we have plenty of fabric and patterns to go with them. We attended the show to be inspired. I have so many photos so I don't know how many days I'll be posting but, stay tuned...

I do have this pattern but I have yet to make it.

Lovely greens.

While those spares and rectangles look like they might be pieced, they are actually appliqued.

Just a little look at the stitching on the all that white space.

Across Canada. 

Lovely applique.

Pink hedgehogs.

I have this pattern too. Judy bought it for me as a birthday gift.

This was different.

A very modern quilt.

Lots and lots of stitching.

What a wonderful floral quilt.

What a hoot.

Another green quilt. If you click on the photo a couple of times, you might be able to see all the quilting - especially in the border. All the daisies are quilted.

We noticed that several of the quilts were made with pre-printed panels.

This was cute.

A Hawaiian quilt. You don't see these much anymore so it was a delight to behold.

That's it for today. I'm looking after granddaughters tomorrow so I may not get to post any photos. If not then I'll do it Tuesday.


  1. Looks like a great show! Lots of variety and lots of talent!

  2. It will take me until tomorrow to fully appreciate this many. I have favorites. The white space quilting photo is much appreciated, the Hawaiian quilt is awesome, and the floral quilt too! Beautiful work.

  3. Great quilts for inspiration!

  4. I like many of them; not so much the modern style, but the florals and animals have charm.

  5. So many pretties! I love the pine tree one - always been fascinated by those trees.


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