Monday, April 24, 2017

East Lake Simcoe Quilt Show - Part two

Carrying on...

This was a beautiful whole cloth quilt in pale blue.

I made a quilt like this in the same colour family. It's an Atkinson design called 'Fire Escape.'

Just a little close-up.

This is part of the top of the quilt. 

This was such a nice, bright, fun quilt.


A whole lot of frogs.

There were several older quilts.

This one caught my eye.

It was quite well done.

A pleasure to view.

This one was a surprise. It sparkled because it was hand quilted with metallic thread.

And I will end with this other Kim Diehl quilt.

I hope you liked the show. I went to another one this past weekend and once I get the photos ready, I'll post them.


  1. Thanks for sharing this show with us! Lots of beautiful work there!

  2. What a beautiful show, Dolores! I agree with Linda, the work is incredible. I also enjoyed seeing the older quilt with the Sunbonnet Sue type figures, amazing handstitching!

  3. So much eye candy - love that Sunbonnet Sue!!!

  4. Yes, thank you, I enjoyed the show. The basket case quilt is something else, and I love the old quilts and the older style quilts at the end. I wonder if a lot of them get sold?

  5. Thank you Dolores - I always enjoy your virtual shows!


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