Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Little things for little people

Little hats is about the only knitting I have been doing lately.

Two hats made with double knit yarn.

These two were made with worsted weight yarn in my favourite pattern at the moment called Bankhead. The pattern is on Ravelry and the designer is a Canadian who named it after a ghost town in Alberta.

I had previously made monster tooth fairy pillows for my eldest grandsons Luc and Patric, who live in BC and so these ones were made for the two younger grandsons. Patric just lost another tooth so his pillow is getting a workout.

One of my five year old granddaughters, Mackenzie, lost her first tooth a couple of weeks ago so I decided to make some tooth fairy pillows.
I wanted something more feminine for the girls and these are what I came up with. The wings are ribbon and the rest of the pillow is made from felt.

I used this plastic ice cream lid as a pattern for the tooth fairy pillows. The idea for the body of the little girl came from free clip art on the internet.

I made a couple of extras so I wouldn't have to rush for the next time one of my grandchildren needed a tooth fairy pillow.

The pocket is on the back of the pillow. For the monster pillows, the pocket is the mouth of the monster.

I also managed to sew up a pair of pajamas for Atticus while he was here at the end of September visiting us with his mom. I made the pajamas exactly the way the pattern was for a size two but I found the legs way too long and the neck opening too big. I think I'll go back to my other pj pattern that has buttons because the size is better and the pjs turn out nicer - in my opinion.

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  1. Both problems with the pajamas will be solved with time. His legs will grow faster than his waistline, and his shoulders will be wider too ;o).
    The tooth fairies are pretty!


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