Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visual stimulation - Brampton Quilt Show - Part one

I did promise to show you the photos from the Brampton Quilt show and so, now, with a looming Air Canada strike, a rotating postal strike and the hockey game going into game 7, I thought I would lighten the mood a bit.

This was the first quilt that caught my eye and you can see why.

Love the image. Not too many people make Amish-influenced quilts these days.

There were a lot of small quilts and therefore, it took a long time to view them all.

For some reason I have wanted to make a quilt with crows. I'm not particularly fond of them (I prefer flamingos.) This one is great.

As you can see by the maker, she is prolific. (see the third small quilt.) 

As you can see, the geisha seemed to be a popular pattern.

Something a little different.

Love this McKenna Ryan pattern. It's called Loon Creek.

 Another McKenna Ryan pattern. This one is part of a bigger pattern called Back on the Farm.

I guess I like Pat Henderson's style since I took so many photos of her quilts. I do not know her personally.

Ha! Here's another one.

This one was just so serene. Besides, my children bike and that's why I took this photo.

The quilter made this Toni Whitney pattern (it was a kit) for her brother.

I must say, there were so many quilts to take photos of.

At first I wasn't going to show this one but it is actually stylized bears. Quite unique.

A wall of really small things.

A continuation of the wall of small.


The title reads "Garden Fairies Come Out at Midnight."

This gorgeous quilt was embroidered and hand quilted.

 Here's a close-up. Stunning.

I leave you with this quilt.

More tomorrow.


  1. I love seeing your quilt show photos. And, by the way, I,too, like flamingos.

  2. I love virtual quilt shows! Thank you for showing us so we can feel as though we were there.

  3. Thanks for sharing the show photos..very good viewing.

  4. Oh, I'd have died and gone to heaven!

  5. What wonderful quilts - I too really like Pat Henderson's style~! I like the birch trees best. I think they're birch. I love flamingos too, Dolores!

  6. I enjoyed the "smalls"...especially the one in memory of the gal's Mom...using her jewellery.....what a lovely and permanent way to save and enjoy some of her Mom's treasures.


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