Thursday, June 23, 2011


My world as it looks today.

Actually this is a better shot than what the pie looks like today (there is only a sliver left.) I made 3 rhubarb pies on the weekend - only one was given away. One pie was plain rhubarb, one had strawberries included and the other one had raspberries and strawberries mixed in with the rhubarb. I still have more rhubarb for a couple more pies - or I can make rhubarb muffins (they have almond flavouring added and are sooooo good.)

This is just a close-up of my jeans. I love my little Canon Elph.

This is what I am working on while watching TV. I really do love the shell stitch. It's easy and so pretty.

Shorts is what my daughter wants and since I love to see if I can use up small pieces of fabric and she didn't care what colour I used, this grey worked out perfectly. Don't go looking for the pattern since it has a copyright of 1985. I tend to hold on to my patterns. Those are Gingher scissors that I actually won in a giveaway. I love them.

My husband reminded me that I had a loaf in the freezer and I keep forgetting to thaw it out - until now. It's a pumpkin spice loaf and I just had to try it this morning.

Last night my husband stapled the fabric onto my new quilt boards. The other ones were warped and were no fun to work with. He didn't like the different colours on the four-foot boards. One of the five-foot ones fell and I didn't bother to pick it up for the photo shot. It does match in fabric with the other five footer. I am going to be putting a pre-printed panel baby quilt on the frame today. It's for a friend who is expecting her first granddaughter in November.

These are just a couple of random doodles that I did as inspiration from other blogs hit. They may make it into a quilt or they may not. Sorry for the blurriness of the one shot.


  1. Yummm, that pie sure looks delicious. My rhubarb is ready as well and although I've cut some up to give mom, I haven't used any of it for myself yet. I love adding strawberries and raspberries to rhubarb for pies and I think that's what I'll make:-) You've given me the incentive!!

    You certainly do have a lot of sewing/quilting projects to keep you busy but I know how much you enjoy it:-) xoxo

  2. I can't remember if I like rhubarb or not....your Elph takes great shots, Dolores! And I love the name of it. *G* Love your afghan, that's a favorite stitch of mine too, great for tv watching.
    Love your doodles - if not a quilt then maybe an inchie?

  3. Mmmmm...pie, and pumpkin loaf!!! 8-)

    Looks like you are keeping yourself busy there Dolores! Nice crochet there!

  4. The pie looks delicious and the muffins sound yummy...and the bread looks tasty, too. The crocheting is pretty. Your daughter is lucky to be getting the shorts. I look forward to seeing your doodles in a quilt. It looks like you don't sit idle for one minute.


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