Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Brampton Quilt Show - Part two

I'm so glad that you like the photos. I love going to quilt shows either by myself or with a friend. I have always taken photos but now I don't have to pay for developing. Grab your favourite beverage and enjoy.

Nice pattern and an interesting fabric choice.

Two colour quilts are always so effective.

I have always liked the lone star pattern but getting the middle to lie flat is always a problem. This one looks good. I have seen some quilters applique a circle or something else to hide the centre.

Samplers are fun - especially when the quilter comes up with an unusual setting or colour combination.

There is a nice orderliness to nine-patch quilts.

A fun Christmas row quilt. I love those little light bulbs in the second last row. I just noticed that it is a counting quilt as well beginning with one Santa and ending with 12 stockings.

This is one way to use up ties that no one wants anymore.

Here's one for all you cat lovers. 

A colourful Bento Box quilt.

 Another Bento Box but the blocks are framed in black.

 The turquoise border is a wonderful frame for the orange.

Another colourful big quilt.

These look like set-in blocks. I guess you could call me lazy or non-adventurous but I stay away from them. I like just plain straight stitching and I have been quilting for years. you could make this with no set-in seams but you just have to cut extra. If you take a look at the early works of some of the 'names' in the quilt world, you will see that some of them always have a square in the corners of their quilts. I always wondered if they didn't learn how to do mitred corners. That is something I do know how to do.

I remember when my middle child was in kindergarten (early 1980s) and dinosaurs all of a sudden were all the rage. I have never taken to dinosaurs and I hope my grandson doesn't end up fancying them. They really are not something that I want to make. However, I did come across a knitted vest I made that has one of the beasts on it.

The colours are very "primitive" in feeling. 

This feels like a scrap quilt but it really isn't - to me at least. I have always liked white. I like the way the quilter has done the border.

A very nice one block quilt.

This looks like it was a lot of fun to make - probably for someone special.

An orange peel quilt done in batiks with a flying geese border. Not much colour in this but I really like it. It would make a nice quilt for a male.

Reminds me of ocean waves.

So many people have bought this pattern and made it in either black or red that I thought you might enjoy seeing it in blue...

and in green.

There are a few more photos so stay tuned...


  1. More eye candy for us! Love your quilt pictures.

  2. Beautiful! Love the blue and white, and the tie quilt. Really love the prim houses. I just love houses on a quilt! And the stitchery quilts are too gorgeous.

  3. I enjoyed the show, thank you Dolores! You mentioned the square in the corners rather than mitering. Sometimes rather than a miter I like the look of a long single piece either across or up and down done similar to, but narrower than the scrap quilt you show.

  4. I really love the blue and white one in the second picture - that one could live on my bed anytime.

  5. Great show of quilts! Love that Christmas Row Counter quilt! 8-)


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