Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brampton Quilt Show - Part three (warning, picture heavy)

I'm going to try to get all the rest of the photos into this blog post.

This is a variation of Valori Wells' design called Firefly. I first saw the quilt done in desert colours and fell in love with it. The pattern is in her book, Simple Start Stunning Finish.

I find landscape quilts always interesting.

 A coin and vine quilt in muted colours.

I don't quite know the story behind this but it's nice that it incorporates piecing and applique.

I am always interested in how each quilter uses his/her fabrics in quilts. The same pattern but very different in looks because of the fabrics chosen.
Some were cool in their choice of colour.

And some used warm colours mixed with cool ones.

And this quilter used earth tones. I think they are all very nice but this one and the blue are my favourites. I have a feeling that when one chooses colours for a bargello such as these, one isn't quite sure how it ends up.

A quilt made to honour the Kendo Team Canada.

I am hoping that if you click on this photo and then click on it again, it will blow up enough for you to read it.

Mom and daughter. There was a man dressed up in the Kendo outfit and he gave a little demo. I really didn't have the time to watch.

Staying on the same theme of Japanese-inspired quilts is this row quilt. I love the faces.

Love the intertwined effect.

This must have been a workshop called In Full Bloom given by Elaine Quehl using her pattern.

Here's her blog address:
and her web site:

Here's a couple of quilts using bright red, orange, yellow, green...

blue and purple.

This little quilt was made for the little girl in the photo who has had many health issues and surgery in her young life. The maker is the girl's grandmother's neighbour.

 A couple of wall hangings.
And some more.
This was a fun quilt to look at. All of the fabrics were snack-themed. I do believe that the quilter made it for her husband.

This looks like it was done at a John Willard workshop.

 This quilter went one step further with her John Willard workshop quilt.

I have so many greens. This would be a nice quilt to use then in but I think I would turn some of the blocks.

Something a little different. With the V in the middle, it looks like it was hung sideways - but then again, it is the quilter who puts the hanging sleeve on.

 Little fishy quilt.

 Another baby quilt.

I don't like bugs but I do like this quilt.

 This little pair was just hanging around. Looks like someone gave them their own quilt. I should have had something as a reference in this shot since this couch was perhaps only 15 or so inches in length.

I saw this quilt in my friend Marg's book and thought it was a really nice scrap quilt. Way too many pieces for us to struggle over though. Something to do when you have a few moments here and there.

I could see this on my wall.

And now for the Christmas Snowman quilts.
More snowman than Christmas but it is green and red.

Another snowman.

They look like they are all snuggled under a patchwork quilt.

 Here's the info on the pattern. Just click on the photo and it will enlarge so that you can read it.

I really liked this embroidered snowman quilt.

Here's a close-up of some of the blocks. She really used great fabrics in her borders.
Here's the info on the pattern.

And lastly, here's the rest of the photos of random quilts, minis and other fabric-related things. I didn't take any photos of the garments.

A Pat Henderson mini again.

This is cute.

It seems as if zentangles are popping up as quilt ideas too.

I think this was part of some challenge. They seemed to have more than one.

A monkey and his blankie.

Lots of 3D stuff with these.

 This is explained below.


 A few more postcards.

 This one and the photo below are part of the cigar box.

Here's the blurb on the cigar box postcards.

I love her use of a metal separating zipper.

Well, this has been a whopping 50+ photo post. Sorry about that. 

I still have one more quilt show to post but I will save it for a slow time in the summer.


  1. Wow! What a photo filled post Dolores!! Some gorgeous creations there! Awesome! Thanks for sharing them with us! 8-)

  2. I can just imagine all the oohing and aahing that went on while looking at all those quilts:-) I just find it so amazing how talented people are at quilting and there are so many techniques and patterns. My daughter in law's mother lives in Brampton:-) xoxo

  3. Thanks for sharing! Awesome!

  4. Beautiful creations! Thanks for showing them.

  5. THANK YOU for all the pics - love the quilt show! I especially love the picture quilt with the film edges - what a great memory quilt. And the embroidered snowmen! And the girl in the bikini. LOVE the philosophy, lol! Thanks Dolores!

  6. woowee..... and even if I don't know how to is always amazing to see what is being done.... and for me.... seeing the amazing amount of time that must have been put into each one....

  7. oh wow Dolores.....these are amazing....I wish I could sew like these!!!

  8. Hi Dolores,

    Oh you really do go to the best exhibitions.
    Each one of these quilts are wonderful and such a lot of talented people out there. Thanks for showing us.

    Happy weekend

  9. Thank you for the tour! It is amazing what quilters can do.

  10. amazing!! So many wonderful creations. Your camera has been working overtime!!

  11. Thanks for these great photos and explanations! I look forward to seeing more this summer.


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