Saturday, June 18, 2011

The hairy beasts got tamed

This is what Baxter looked like before his hours long clipping which was done in two sessions since he was stressed. He is a senior and this time we found that a couple of his previous groomers didn't want to deal with him. There was never any problem before. We have found a wonderful new (to us) groomers who really, really care about the animals. We will be bringing him back before he gets to the unmanageable state.

Don't mind the flyers on the floor and the unvacuumed rug. These were taken before I left to visit little Luc and I always like to leave the house clean when I leave.

Here's Baxter as he looks now. This is his summer wear. We know that he is losing his eyesight and the groomer found out that he has a hard time with depth perception. We have about four steps that he has to manage off the front porch and we have to keep his leash taut - otherwise he slides down or he thinks he can fly.

 Pixel has a nickname, it's fluffy kitty.

 Her sister Digit is known as skinny kitty but...

no longer. Since Pixel got clipped, she is now skinny kitty. Her groomer only does cats and I was told that the groomer wanted to keep her because she had never had such a good cat while she worked away. For those of you who don't know, the owner has to hold their cat while the groomer works. My husband took little Pixel in while I was away. She was matted and needed to be done. A nice summer cut for her too and another groomer we will be going back to.

Hairy beasts no longer but sleek animals.


  1. Can't believe that cat! A real skinny kitty :-) Poor Baxter, he wants his fur on!
    I have to lightly sedate Tiffi when I pluck her coat. She puts up such a struggle. I now pluck her back and neck and then use clippers on the rest. Funnily enough, she enjoys that,I think she likes the vibration :-)

  2. Hello,

    Wow there was a dog under all that coat!!! He sounds a much loved pet which is great.
    Happy days.

  3. Ahah, your babies are now nice and spick and span!The little Treasures!

  4. Aw bless! I bet they feel so much better for being trimmed. I know how traumatic it can be though. I used to do Lucy myself and she always growled. DH used to feed her biscuits whilst I was doing 'round the back'.
    Lucy went completely blind but we managed very well. I made her a harness out of an old soft leather handbag and attached the lead to it centre-back. This meant that if she stumbled or whatever, I was better able to help save her. She also got used to me saying 'hup' whenever we encountered a step.

  5. Wow! That was sure to be lots of cut off fur on the floor! They look great! 8-)

  6. There's quite a handsome dog under all that fluff, lol! My cat would kill me if I got her that cut. I'm glad you found a groomer you really like Dolores, that's so important. I do my kitty myself, I think she enjoys it, although I'm not the beautician she thinks I am....

  7. wow, they look so different with their cuts! My little guy needs his cut too. He won't look so professional as I do him myself and just trim away as he rolls from side to side or moves about. I think he considers it massage time.

  8. Shaggy or sleek, your little doggy boy is adorable!!

  9. If Baxter wags his tail when he goes in, then you know he's in good hands. Super smooth looking guy Baxter...
    Brave lady who tackles a cat's hairdo :-) x x x

  10. I never knew cats got groomed.
    Isn't it lovely to see what is underneath all that fur.

  11. Wow, what a change, Baxter looks so much better and he really must feel a lot cooler! lol As for the cat, isn't it a shock to see how skinny they really are without their fur. Growing up I always had a cat and we had this one long haired one that had to get shaved because the hair was all matted...I didn't want to believe it was the same cat because MY cat was way bigger than that! lol xoxo

  12. Well, I just think it is wonderful that you have found some great groomers....the hairy ones probably do appreciate their new "look" and feel... even if they don't always show it at the time....


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