Friday, June 24, 2011

CN Tower

It will be 35 years this Sunday when the last piece of the CN Tower was put into place. The digging began in February of 1973 and the communication tower, which became known as the CN Tower, was completed in 1976. I was expecting my first child so it really wasn't too exciting on my personal radar. To a home grown Torontonian, it is a beacon that indicates "I am home" whether it's a trip abroad or just a road trip into the countryside. I can tell you all about the history but you can read it here:

I'll just show the photos - most of them have been taken by my daughter Maili.

Taken from Toronto's Distillery District looking west.

I have no idea what road that is. I think this is taken from the north, looking south.
Note: Thanks Hetty, it probably is the Don Valley Parkway.

Taken from the University of Toronto campus looking south.

From Toronto's Centre Island looking north.
 From downtown.


Views from above, this photo and the next three.

The downtown of Toronto.

It is truly a big city.
 While I have not ventured up to the top of the tower, there is a glass floor that you can walk on (or sit on.)

This is the view looking straight down.

There is a revolving restaurant at the top and I have been up there - even if I have not ventured up to the lookout part. The CN Tower is quite pretty at night because someone had the bright idea to light it up and now the lights change colour periodically. The latest 'craze' dealing with the CN Tower is to take a walk on the outside of the rim. Personally, I think it's a dumb idea with an accident or suicide waiting to happen.

I hope you enjoyed this little entry dedicated to the CN Tower.
Note: If you are in Toronto and wish to venture up the tower to the observation platform, there is an admission charge.


  1. I did enjoy that! We were there in February 2000. I didn't walk over the glass floor though!

  2. Maybe now that I have a daughter living in Ottawa we will venture that far east...fingers crossed!! I would love to see Toronto!!Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have been there in 1996. And it was great

  4. I remember when the CN tower was opened. I couldn't wait to ride up in those elevators and look down on the city from up so high. Now I dread having to go up when we have visitors from outside of Canada. But I love how it is visible from all around the GTA. That road you couldn't identify must be the Don Valley Parkway. I probably have similar photos, but thanks for posting yours. I loved looking at them.

  5. The only time I've ever been up on the CN Tower was on my 1st wedding anniversary back in 1977...I was petrified because I really hate heights! lol I couldn't even make myself walk right up to the glass to look out and in the elevator I had my eyes closed the whole time. Loved seeing the pictures your daughter took, quite the view from the top!! As for standing or sitting on a glass floor, NO THANK YOU! lol I can't believe they're now even offering walks on the outside of the rim...that's just plain crazy. I can think of better ways to spend $175!! lol xoxo

  6. As you probably know we have a tower here in Calgary too.. it is not very high, but was more than high enough for me when I went up.

    Ooooh...that one looking straight down..... yikes....I don't really like heights....


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