Friday, August 1, 2014

Pretty streets

I love looking at the different ways the Business Improvement Area (BIA) groups spruce up the streets.

 The summer plantings are so pretty.

I really like the concrete pebbled planters on the sidewalks.

 Sometimes the owners of buildings take it upon themselves to spruce up their little space in this city.

 Here's a much bigger but not as attractive a planter.

Pretty hanging planters are found along some of the streets.

 The hanging planters come in all sizes and the flowers vary from neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

 I had fun sitting in the passenger seat looking at all the different flowers...

and all the different colours.

More concrete planters.

Sometimes there is a tree in the middle of the planter.

Trees of all size are surrounded by very pretty flowers.

 Different flowers in different neighbourhoods.

I like the height of those long plants (I have no idea what they are.)

Wonderful lime green accents. A feast for the eyes.

And the last photo. Too bad they don't de-weed around the planters.
These were all taken on major streets where there's lots of traffic.


  1. I do like the planters with a graceful tree and flowers round the lower edge, really a great addition to any town. Cheers,Jean

  2. I love those baskets and planters too! And there seem to be more and more of them each year. The tall plant with the red flowers is a Canna Lily.

  3. Lovely summer flower arrangements! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. Beautiful flower planters! They make such a difference to a dull street.

  5. I like it when towns and cities take the time to spruce up.

  6. it really brightens a place up doesn't it when they start summer planting. They do that here too....where they are also not too quick to do the weeding!

  7. Beautiful photos, and I'd love to walk those streets.

  8. Hello Dolores,

    I remember reading a garden magazine with a article about the hanging baskets in Canada many years ago. They certainly do brighten up the day and make the shops a little more enticing.

    Happy days.


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