Thursday, August 7, 2014

Irish gifts

Just because.

My littlest one is living in Ireland at the moment. Both she and her boyfriend are missing Canada and family. Apparently, she lives around the corner from a quilt store - but one where you have to notify the owner you would like to visit. I had asked for fat quarters - I always ask for fat quarters whenever my little ones (they are all over 30) go travelling. Sometimes they listen and sometimes they don't. A lot of times there aren't any fat quarters to be found. This time, however, there were.

Fat quarters and coasters. Love those fabrics and they will show up in a quilt for either Luc or Patric.

And there was not one but two of the colour catchers. I still have some left from when she sent them to me from Britain but these are always very handy. We here in Canada for some reason cannot get them. I have no idea why.

I'm off to finish something. Once it's done, I'll show you.


  1. I thought at first those mats were quilting squares! I think a map would look good - depending on how you use it.

  2. Love those charming bumble bees and flowers. Very useful gifts.

  3. Wonderful gifties - obviously your little-un 'gets' you!

  4. Hello Dolores,

    The Grandies will love having a quilt that comes from all parts of the world. Strange that you can't get the colour catches in Canada, maybe you could write to the company asking why.

    Happy days.

  5. We only have one store here that sells them that I have found

  6. I agree with Bev C - write to the company, maybe they can then send you a load of them ;-) I use them in every wash because the whole country is still 20 years behind everyone else and the washing machine destroys everything i put in it. Ready to come home now! xo love Ayla


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