Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Project variety

Some things have been finished and other things have been added to my list of things to sew and knit.

I have a lot of this yarn. It's one of those jumbo balls.

I'm trying out various free baby hat patterns on the internet. Three little hats in three evenings.

The embroidery is getting there. It's just taking time.

I did manage to cut and sew nine little receiving blankets. They are all pre-washed so therefore, pre-shrunk. I have more flannel that I need to cut up and hem.
While looking for some broadcloth to finish off the binding for the baby quilt, I found (buried under a pile of fabric) a laundry basket filled with flannel. Totally forgot about them. I will be hauling it out to see what there is to add to Patric's rag quilt - still on the list.

And now, on to food...

I make smoothies almost daily. This one has fresh raspberries, plain yogurt, a banana, some almond mild and skim milk.

Yesterday, I made kale chips. My son Eric was over and helped me eat some. I had a bag of pre-cut kale and so it was a matter of rinsing it in water, shaking off the excess and tossing a bunch with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, pepper and some chili peppers (flakes). I then arranged them on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper, baked at 350F until crisp (15-20 minutes.) It took three pans full till the bag was finished and most of it got eaten right away. The chili peppers just add a bit of spice.

I'm off to work on getting some sewing done so I can cross stuff off my list. 
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  1. T.hose little hats are very nice Delores. what a great idea to make receiving blankets!! that smoothie sounds delicious too.

  2. Lovely hats! I've been meaning to make some of those kale chips. They sound yummy!

  3. Cute little caps and your stitching really is lovely. I'm a smoothie fan, too, but not a daily one. You unearthed your flannel stash at a good time of year. We'll all be in flannel in a few months.

  4. Gosh, these are all things I've meant to do. Hubby is on his cleansing diet, with many smoothies.
    I've bought knitting needles, but have to take some lessons!
    I did buy material to make my granddaughters dresses!
    You do inspire!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  5. You've been busy! Thanks for sharing your fun projects.

  6. Love you baby hats, and it was so good of your son to drop over and save you from having to store away the kale chips for another day.

  7. Those little hats are so cute! We made kale chips awhile ago but put waaaaay too much salt on them. Haven't mustered the courage to try again as yet.

  8. I love flannel. Oh goodness I've had a lot of flannel in my day. Used to make and sell flannel pillowcases. I would make receiving blankets to donate. It is fun to pull out things to finish. Your embroidery is beautiful.

  9. hey .... we've been having smoothies almost daily in the hot weather too Dolores....

    made one the other day with banana, nectarine, orange juice, vanilla soy milk and some frozen yogurt.... mmmm...

    sometimes I add strawberries ...sometimes not...depends on what is around..

    other times I toss in some frozen blueberries and strawberries with a banana....oh, man... they are all soooo good....


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