Monday, August 18, 2014

Quilts at the Creek - Part two

Well, let's continue on. As I mentioned, feel free to click on the photo and it will enlarge for you so you can view the quilts a bit closer.
Once again, this post is photo heavy.

I just kept walking and looking at both sides of the street.

It really was a gorgeous day.

A very modern hexagon quilt in blue (my favourite colour.)

I love this building and am so glad they hung quilts so high. Notice the log cabin quilts?

It was nice to see families enjoying the space.

The great thing about entering your quilt into this show is that it doesn't have to be a new quilt.

And here you see two of my favourites. 

Art Deco fans. I have always loved Art Deco and fans so it makes sense that I would love this. It's definitely going on my to-do list.

North Wind is the name of the block. It is already on my to-do list. It reminds me of a pebble being dropped into a still pool of water and watching the ripples. There was a quilt in this pattern either last year or the year before, along with a 16-patch that inspired me to make one. I have the 16-patch top done and one day I will be making the Art Deco fan and this.

I love well done appliqued quilts.

Here's a close-up of the beautiful hand quilting.

Here's the pattern if you want to make one yourself.

Little boys playing in the garden.
 Bargello. Lovely.

I'm not finished. There are more...
 Love the French braid quilt.

Here's the back of the two quilts above.

Here's the vendor's area.

There were quilt talks in this building.

By this time, some of the volunteers were starting to take down the quilts. I had to hurry.

This was fun...

because after looking at these quilts and taking photos,

 and walking towards my destination...

I turned around and realized that there were more quilts on the back.

Another back of a quilt.

Very graphic. 

Since I was in such a hurry, I didn't find my second quilt so I started my walk over again. Well, here it is, on the fence with dark quilts beside it. I guess that's why I didn't see it. This was the fence just before the ladies in period costume.

A log cabin quilt - Courthouse Steps in Red and Gold.

And here's Peter with a load of quilts already taken down and headed to the check-out station.

One last photo.
I hope you all liked the show. It will be at the end of July next year.


  1. Quite the show indeed! So very many quilters and many different styles.

    Thanks for showing them!

  2. Wow- an awesome show!! So many beautiful quilts, it's hard to choose a favourite. But I too really like Winter in the Garden, and North Wind. I have done a twin size North Wind, all in blues with a touch of bright yellow here and there.

  3. what an amazing opportunity to surround yourself with so may beautiful's almost like heaven.

  4. Beautiful quilts in a beautiful setting. Thank you Dolores for showing us.

  5. So many of them. Love yours. And a beautiful venue to display them.

  6. Beautiful photos of stunning quilts.

  7. Just incredible , I sure enjoyed seeing the show and your quilts looked wonderful . So many gorgeous quilts it would be hard to choose a favorite , thanks so much for sharing .

  8. What an incredible amount of colour...everywhere!!! It must have been hard to know where to look; how's your neck from swinging around from side to side now? LOL
    Tickled! I'd have been tickled to walk through such a show.

  9. Very nice quilt show. I have never attened one outside. Thanks!

  10. Lovely. Thank you so much for showing us the quilts on display. I completely forgot about the show this year. I think it's a perfect place to show quilts:)

  11. What fun to see another quilt show through your camera lens. So many beautiful creations once again.

  12. What a gorgeous collection of quilts.


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