Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Picky, picky, picky

I knit. I'm not that good a knitter but I do muddle along. I learned from my mom years and years ago - so long ago that I don't remember her teaching me. I used to knit and crochet a bit before my children were born. Once they were here, I sewed more. It was faster. I enjoyed sewing and since I had always done it, it became my main hobby. Making dresses, shirts and pants for my little ones was pure joy. It still is.
Since I became a grandmother, I have taken up knitting once again. I had my knitting needles and I dug out the stash of yarn, enhancing it, just like the fabric stash. Quite often I work on more than one project at a time and this creates a problem when I am in need of number 4 mm or 4.5 mm needles. When I go to look for a pair, they are being used for something else. Since I can't wait to finish the 'something else,' I sometimes end up buying another pair. I haven't counted how many pairs of the same size needles I have BUT, I am picky about the kind of needles I work with. I don't like the plastic ones because they 'stick.' I knit the European way and it's a lot quicker if the needles are made of aluminum.

 I think I have tried these bamboo ones but they are not as smooth as aluminum.

When I was in BC last year, my daughter, grandsons and I stopped in at a local Legion that has a permanent rummage sale in the basement. Loads of great stuff for pennies - almost.

My absolute best finds were these. Aluminum knitting needles in various sizes. Ten cents a pair. Trust me, I made sure that these were aluminum by tapping them against the metal legs of the table that they sat on. I left the bent ones. I was not interested in what size the needles were, I just wanted quantity - because, you see, I was leaving to go back home and we weren't going to be visiting this place again before I left. Quite a few of them have the American size on them but I'm getting pretty good at knowing that a 6 is actually a 4 mm and an 8 is a 5mm. I can now work on so many different small projects at once (not really.) But it means that I can make two baby booties at the same time. I know I can knit them both on the same needles but I hate the tangling of the two balls of yarn.

I wonder if they have double pointed needles there now? Maybe I can ask my daughter to go check. After all, I have my helpful little gauge so it doesn't matter what size the needles are, I can always find out.


  1. Needles, like almost any tools, must feel good in order to like using them. I have used bamboo circular needles for almost all my knitting lately, and I love the lightness of them. Sticky needles are the worst! It looks like you found a treasure, all those favourite needles at a bargain price.

  2. I like the steel needles too, and I have some double pointed very small size ones that were my Grandma's, she knitted socks for the servicemen in the second world war!!! They are well worn at the tips, but so special to keep. The gauges are a lifesaver sometimes when the size isn't there. What a bargain you found. Cheers,Jean.

  3. I have needles I have had since I was 17, some in better condition than others! I also 'inherited' two lots. Those plastic ones you sometimes see given away with magazines are great if you snap each one into 2 or 3 and file the ends smooth. They make great little cable needles and being plastic, they don't slip out.

  4. "Knit the European way"? You mean there's another way? Confused.

    Your needle stash looks very similar to mine. I inherited a bundle from my grandma and later my mother, who were both keen knitters. I'm not a regular, but I like to make myself a new scarf every couple of years. And I make doll clothes sometimes.

  5. My knitting needle stash looks very much like yours. And I still have to buy a new pair every once in a while. I used to like Aero needles, but I can't find them any longer. Most of my favourite needles are over 40 years old.

  6. I haven't knitted in a while, but I have two sets of circular needles so I could make two socks at one time.

  7. I have a huge collection of knitting needles. My grandma, aunt and MIL all knit and I inherited all of there needles. I still continue to find myself buying needles when I am somewhere I want to knit and don't have my stash at hand.


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