Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just a little sewing

This is an ongoing project. My quilting buddy Judy and I decided to exchange paper-pieced animals. They had to be North American mammals and we eventually will make a Canadian-themed quilt. We take turns making two paper-pieced mammals, keep one and give one to the other person. The last time I made one was July, 2009. I know because I just checked my archives. Since I am meeting Judy this morning, to go to the quilt show, I figured I may as well get a move on. The pattern has been sitting on my sewing machine for months.

My donkey. I haven't quite finished mine yet but it will be the same. It wasn't a difficult pattern at all but taking the paper off after was not fun. I forgot to shorten my stitch length.

I also decided to make more of the full body bibs for little Luc. Now that the big quilt is finished, Marg, Ann and I have been going through bags of fabric that have been donated to us. Most of it is quilt worthy but some of it isn't or else we just didn't want the pieces. We donated a lot to the guild. I think this fabric was waiting to be made into a baby quilt or the backing for a baby quilt. There really wasn't quite that much and would have had to be pieced with something else but it was perfect for me. Marg hauled this out and gave it to me when I mentioned that I wanted to make the little guy some bibs.

So, I used some of the double fold bias tape that I have and here it is. The dimensions are roughly 11" X 19" and the tie is 24". I used a saucer to mark the curve for the neck. Sorry for the quality of the photo but it's really dull out. We got a bit of snow last night - just a dusting.

There was enough fabric to make 4 bibs exactly with nothing left over. The first one I made only had a backing fabric but even though the top fabric was a bit heavier, it still needed something more. I had some flannel handy and cut it up and it worked well - not too thick and not too thin.

I think I'll go see if there is some other fabric I can use up. I want to make Luc a summer hat.


  1. I love your donkey and I am certain those bibs will come in very useful!

  2. Those bibs are lovely and colourful.

  3. Dolores that donkey is inspired - he's so cute!!! And the bibs are darling, what perfect fabric - what a blessed little boy Luc is to have you!

  4. The bibs are perfect, they need to be long! The donkey is very nice.

  5. I love your donkey and I love your bibs, your donkey should have a name, what are you going to call him or her? I remember being kicked by a mule when I was 14 but if I had land and won the lottery me and Jim would definetely have donkeys.

  6. I love donkeys! Just saw a whole field full of little ones a few days ago!

  7. Such a cute donkey! I like those bibs too - the fact that they're large is a huge bonus. My kids only ever had the smaller ones and you can guess where most of the 'goo' ended up going!


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