Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just a little progress

I took a turn on the baby quilt. This bunny is on an outside row.

This soother got turned under before I thought about taking a photo.

I love these little baby feet. Taking a turn on a quilt is always exciting.

Crossed baby rattles. The clip art for this one only had one rattle and it was plain. So, I added the double lines to add interest to an otherwise plain circle and I also decided to add another rattle to fill up the block. Turning a quilt shows progress. Stay tuned for more.


  1. Lovely job, Dolores. SOMEONE is going to be a very lucky baby!!

  2. It's going to be wonderful when it's finished:)

  3. Wow, Dolores, this is really beautiful. Perfect stitching!!

  4. Hi Dolores,

    I am loving the sweet baby quilt, with all the gorgeous embroidery.
    Look forward to seeing it all finished.

    Happy new week

  5. Hallo Dolores,
    thanks for your kind comment in my blog!
    I love your baby quilt and especially the clip arts. Is there a possibility to copy them because you wrote that these patterns are free?
    We are waiting for my grandchild that my daughter will get at the beginning of May.So I am always happy about patterns like these ones. I especially love the cute!!!
    I looked at all your great wonderful quilt...I love the blue one very much but also the others are fantastic!!
    Best wishes


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