Monday, March 12, 2012

A small change

This is the cross stitch that I am currently working on.

The red "leaf" above the word Autumn doesn't look much like any leaf I have seen so I went searching for something that was closer to a maple leaf - after all, I am Canadian.

This is what I found.

A wonderful lady by the name of Nancy Spruance had this free on her web site and she copyrighted it in 1984.

Here's the URL if you want it. This way I don't have to email it to all of you who wish to use it.

Here's my version. Don't look too close, it's not that good. It took a while to see if it would fit since this is 16 count Aida and my eyes are no longer 20 years old. Counting this maple leaf chart and then counting the original leaf design took several tries and this is a bit bigger but I like it much better. Now that I look at it, I didn't add the veins in straight stitch - so I think I will leave it out.


  1. Good job Dolores, I like your leaf much better!

  2. My favourite time of the year! And, I too like your leaf much better.

  3. Good for you! I love it, when you put your own ideas in a kit!

  4. Wow, what patience and yes I like the leaf you've chosen much better.
    Stay inspired!

  5. I think it's perfect...I love cross stitch it is so relaxing! well I think so anyway!

  6. Lookin' good Dolores! I might have to follow your lead if I do that pattern again...

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  8. That's a nice leaf. Much better than the original. I like cross stitch but somehow I always end up 'inventing' bits that weren't in the pattern! (How old am I and I can't even COUNT?)


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