Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quilt guild meeting

Addendum: See below at the last photo.

Last week at the East Toronto Quilters' Guild, we had a wonderful speaker. Cheryl Smith is a quilter and doll maker and brought some of her work. Below is a small sampling. The photos were all taken by a member of the guild, Rosemary Hamlin and early on in the evening I asked if she would be kind enough to send me the photos so I could post them on my blog. I, of course, am still not in the habit of bringing my camera with me wherever I go.
These were some of her dolls. I have a pattern for the one on the right left (mixing these up is one of my quirks along with east and west.) It's on my 'to do' list. There is so much embellishment on them. Click the photo so you can see them better.

The Ancient Mariner

Toucan Talk

Spirit Dance

"Aquarius" made with 10 thousand one-inch squares.


"Hue Drops" which can be hung vertically or horizontally. I love the colours and simplicity of design. Sorry that it's a bit blurry but visit Cheryl's web site to see it up close and personal.

I forgot to mention that Cheryl loves beadwork and this is what she is currently working on. I don't think it has a name. Cheryl said that she is obsessed with beading.

Her latest cloth doll. (That's me to the left, in the background.)

Here I am with Cheryl and that's our president, Dale Tomlinson on the right. 

Cheryl has a website called  Magpie Artworks    and she also has a blog    so go over and visit. Both sites have many more photos of her work.

Many thanks to both Cheryl Smith and Rosemary Hamlin for allowing me to do this post - and many thanks to all of my readers.

*****I totally forgot to show this photo. Click to see the doll close up. Her face is beaded and Cheryl did it at a workshop.


  1. wow... lots to see here today Dolores.... especially the dolls for me of course.

    My wooden spoon I found at London Drugs in the kitchen wares department... haven't seen them anywhere else yet. Do you have one of those nearby?
    It is by Mario Batali.... perhaps you could call a couple of places and ask if they carry his line. It's the first I have seen of spoons from him.

  2. you certainly have LOTS of talent going on in your quilt!! those quilts are gorgeous, and cheryl's dolls.....oh my goodness!!! fabulous! :))

  3. I'm trying to figure out how many hours work you have shown here. Have lost count. Thank you....ah.... should have your camera...... x x x

  4. Wow! Thanks for the show - I don't know which of the pieces I like the best, but must admit the dolls are the most intriguing. Wonder why I'd think that?

  5. Wow - I'm going to have to head over to her website, the quilts are incredible and so are the dolls! I've only made two dolls but I'd love to make more. Thanks for sharing these pics - and next time, bring your camera, lol! I don't take mine out either, I really need one with image stabilization - I don't like to carry my tripod around.

  6. Wow, Dolores! thanks for sharing my work with everyone. It was a great evening and a very welcoming guild.

  7. Omigosh, such beautiful work, those dolls are magnificent!! Cheryl has more talent in her little finger than I have in my whole body!! lol Remember, the only thing I know to do with a thread and needle is to hem pants!! lol The quilts are also amazing. Sounds like a fun time that day and it must be wonderful to be part of such a talented group:-) xoxo

  8. Very elaborate quilts - all masterpieces! I agree, I like the simplicity of the one with circles too!
    The bag you made in the last post is really neat.
    Smiles, Cat

  9. Those dolls are real beauties. It must have been wonderful to see them in real.

  10. WOW what lovely dolls. The beading is wonderful and I love you new bag.

  11. What lovely dolls you are so lucky to see them in real. The bead work is lovely.


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