Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well, it's almost spring and it seems that a lot of pets have been visiting their vets. My little Pixel is my long haired kitty. She and her sister Digit are now 13 years old.

My little sleeping Pixel. As you can see, she does have quite a long coat on her. She may look big but when you pick her up you realize just how little she weighs.

This is my favourite picture of Pixel because I actually got her little tongue in the shot as she was lapping up her milk. Digit doesn't drink milk and, sometimes, Pixel refuses to have any, even though she will sit beside the fridge and wait until I put some milk in a dish. I don't know if it's the type of milk she doesn't like after she sniffs it or if she is just fickle. Over the past few months we noticed that her coat was getting quite matted. Since she doesn't like to be brushed, I tried to cut some of the mats off her. Some of them were quite close to her skin and when we brought her in to see the vet to get her check-up, the vet suggested we bring her to a groomer. Now, not all dog groomers do cats but after trying one a bit farther away from us, we brought her in to the one just down the street from us. That groomer is the same one that trimmed Baxter last year. My son Eric brought Pixel in one afternoon when all the dogs were gone and this is how she came home looking.

 Please don't laugh.
 It is called a lion cut and I do think that Pixel likes it. She did seem a bit strange to Digit and Baxter at first.

 They have now gotten used to her new "do" and so have we.


  1. Both our kitties are long-haired too so I can imagine what the mats get like. We're lucky that our golden kitty likes to be brushed and combed while the brown tabby, who doesn't, seems to not gets matted.
    We sometimes take care of a neighbour's kitty and she has to get that lion cut once a year. I think they look adorable with it!

  2. That's the first time I've seen the lion cut, but what a great idea. I'm sure it feels SO much better than having the mats...they have to pull on their skin and must hurt. Our cats are both short hairs so we don't have to worry about them matting.

  3. Oh. My. That's QUITE the cut. My Hermoine is long-haired too, the mats are awful - the hair under her chin is so long that sometimes it gets stuck in her mouth when she grooms herself, and she makes the most piteous squeaks trying to get it out. I'm always trimming her down.

    I think Pixel is going to LOVE that cut come summer.

  4. Oh I am so sorry for poor kitty!!!Were you shocked?! We have a semi-long hair, so we may have to get her clipped when she's older and can't manage her coat- or gets "testy" when we do it.
    I will take a pic of a special brush we bought from the vet.Our cats adores it. She just "melts" when we brush her.

  5. LOL..sorry pixel it is to funny and I am sorry for laughing...Thansk so much for sharing...that is a common cut for long hair kitties..but not very complimentary...

  6. I'm sure she must feel tons better, but she looks like she could do with a sweater or something to keep her warm!

  7. Oh, poor = happy Pixel! I should show photo of lion cut to my Fenix... the brushing is not his favorite games either.

  8. Hi Dolores,

    Oh poor dear Pixel, and she must feel better and it will soon grow.
    We had Persians that looked the same after a trim and they really looked annoyed when they came home like that.

    Happy weekend

  9. i think that pixel looks quite cute....and i'm sure she feels so much better, too, especially once summer rolls around! :))

  10. Oh my! That is drastic, but I be she feels much better now. I can imagine the matted hair is some uncomfortable... It will grow in soon enough! 8-)

  11. I love that cut! She looks fab! I find the tail particularly fascinating and probably great for dusting!! Cheryl


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