Monday, March 8, 2010

Craft night

On Friday we had craft night again. This time Maili's friend Tanya, her son Michael and Casey joined us. On the menu we had paper, paint, pens, glue, and a whole lot of imagination. Inchies were made and also a painting.
These are Maili's veggies. I love them and wished I had found them in the magazine before she got to them. Oh well, I guess I'll just keep on looking for interesting things to cut up. Maili said she wanted to make magnets out of them.

Here's Casey's. I think he was going for puzzle tiles...

These are mine. I didn't seem to accomplish all that many but then again, I was the one cutting all the one inch pieces of cardboard. I may just continue to make more on my own. They can become a bit addictive. You start to look at things with an eye to scale to see if they would fit in an inchie. I'd also like to make twinchies (those, of course, would be two inch pieces of art) or work on a 1 1/2 inch scale. Sometimes inchies can be very limiting if you find a nice image.
These are Tanya's. The one in the lower left is a 3-D spiral. One of the inchies even has coloured stones on it. Another one is covered with glitter and still another one has painted tissue paper for texture - very creative. When she wanted to mount them, I suggested she buy a canvas and glue them on and that way they can stick out from the wall a little.

I just loved the colours.

Here's Michael with the canvas that he helped Maili with. You may remember this painting from a previous post. He was involved in it also. This painting was done at the same time as the rest of us slaved away doing our inchies and after, Maili managed to get some inchies done as well. She sure does work quickly.

And lastly, a group shot. 
How can you tell tax time is coming? - Papers, papers everywhere... 


  1. Ciao to all this happy, nice and creative group.
    ciao ciao

  2. Productive lot.... LOVELY TO SEE YOU ALL X X X

  3. My goodness you guys are creative - everything looks wonderful!!!!!!

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely time Dolores. It is so satisfying when you can get together with friends and be creative.

  5. What a great idea, looks like fun!

  6. What a fun craft night! Inchies sound like fun. Veggie me likes Maili's finds.

    And I really like Cheryl's 'Hue Drops' below!

    and your True Blue Canadian photo above ... where was that one taken?

  7. Oh, this looks like so much fun!

  8. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all Dolores. You produced some great works too. They look so nice all fitted together.

    Love the quilts you displayed especially the coloured spots one and the African girl holding a jug on her head. Must have been a wonderful meeting. There is so much talent in the quilting world.

  9. your art night sounds like so much fun!! i love your inchies, and maili's veggies are fabulous!! :))


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