Saturday, March 13, 2010

New bag

The pattern for the bag I just made, Vogue 8466, had four different versions. I made the hardest one and here's the easiest. I wanted to try out the pattern since all it was was a rectangle. Altogether, with cutting the fabric out and sewing it, I think it took me two and a half hours. You can't beat that. I really meant to take a photo before it left my house last Saturday but, of course, I forgot. So I asked Maili, the recipient of the bag, to take some photos for me so I could post it on the blog and here they are.

This bag has no lining, no zipper and no inner pockets but it is sooo roomy.
 Now that she has had it for a week, Maili said that the bag has really come in handy.
I plan on making one or two more out of different fabrics. Although the pattern mentioned a lighter-weight fabric, I used a cotton twill and will stick with the heavier fabric. The only problem is that the last bit of stitching to do on the bag is to gather up the top of the strap and you end up having to sew through so many layers of fabric that the thinner it is, the easier it would be to sew but I will still use a more substantial fabric.


  1. What a great bag Dolores! I think I might just go out and buy that pattern. They would make nice gifts! You can never have too many bags!!

  2. Pretty!!!!! I would stick with heavier fabric too - it just seems more substantial to me. Nice job!

  3. The bag looks great! Can't imagine the pattern was that simple!

  4. I really like this bag.
    I normally carry things in my pockets. (I HAVE TO MAKE SURE I HAVE BIG POCKETS ! )
    x x x
    Where did you get the pattern ?

  5. Looks like a very useful kind of bag Dolores. I prefer a heavier weight bag too.

  6. That looks like a great bag Dolores! Will have to look for that pattern... or maybe I even have it!!! lol!
    hope you are having lovely weather down your way! Here the snow is almost gone!!!
    Happy stitchings!


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