Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Arm chair quilt show Part 3

Well, I think this will be the final post for the quilt show. I will try to fit in as many photos as I can.

I do like this quilt and as you can see, it did win an award. It is pieced and there is some decorative machine stitching on the flowers.

A close-up of the quilt and if you click on it to blow it up, you can see all the detailing in the machine stitching and you can see that it is indeed machine pieced.

This is the write-up on the quilt.

A little quilt made with old ties.

The little quilt's explanation.

This is another little quilt. The maker had always wanted to make a quilt that she could frame.

This one said that it was totally hand done.

I liked this little toucan quilt.

This little tree quilt was really well done too but it was just too darn high up.

This may not seem like much to some viewers but I do think that this one was my favourite little quilts there. I think it's the simplicity of the pattern, the fact that the border colours tie in with the body of the quilt and the pieced backing that captures my interest.

The Hawaiian quilt.

Here's a close-up of the centre square.

My dad was raised in Saskatchewan which is in the prairies for those of you not familiar with Canada. This quilt reminds me of the fields of wheat that grow in many of the prairie provinces.

A miniature watercolour lone star.

I thought you might like to see a close-up of the work that went into the making of the little star.

This would be such a great addition to a wall. Such great fabrics.

A Blue-footed Booby. I like the fact that the quilt is not square nor is it framed with a traditional border treatment.

And now something in the form of textile art:

This little piece has beading and embroidery. After the central piece was done, the maker made it a bit bigger by attaching it to a larger crazy quilted piece.

The maker had made these circles for something else and decided to use up the leftovers by making another small quilt. There is some embroidery and beading in this as well.

A high-heel boot pincushion.

This is called Octopus' Garden. It's just another example of how beading and many different fabrics can be used to embellish a quilt.

The write-up on the quilt.

This is a fabric vessel.

The maker explains it much better than I could.

A true labour of love. The blocks are cross-stitched and the maker included some tatted doilies made my members of her family.

The blurb.

I will leave you with a couple of close-ups of the cross-stitched quilt.

I do hope you have enjoyed the show and perhaps been inspired by something you've seen. Making quilts is not a difficult endeavour. You just have to make a start.


  1. Wow. What GREAT quilts. I love all the different styles represented! I think the Toucan is my favorite. I'm so glad you took pictures!

  2. It's great to see such talent on show. Thanks for posting this. x

  3. These all would have been a delight to see 'for real' but your pictures are a close second. I have to admit I'm totally fascinated by the blue circles one.

  4. Thank you so much for posting these wonderful Show pics. I have enjoyed them, and have also enjoyed following your Blog for a while now. I have posted a link to your Show posts on my Guilds blog, so hopefully you'll get lots of views!

  5. Beautiful work!
    Many thanks Dolores, for showing us all this talent and so many wonderful creations.
    It would be so much fun to actually be there.

    Happy Easter

  6. Oh wow Dolores! What an awesome show of quilts in your last 3 posts!!!! Thanks so much for sharing! I will be back to ponder them more after the weekend!
    Have a great Easter with your family! 8-)


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