Saturday, January 7, 2017


I found it. I found my missing block of the month. After searching all of my bins several times I finally found it - or I thought I had found it.

What I found was a bin with the fabrics that I had been using for it. I thought that the blocks were with the fabrics - it would make sense, n'est-ce pas? So, more mystery. I was going to give up, thinking that if I wasn't looking for it, it would eventually show up.

I had even taken out a bin that held another quilt that I could finish.

I love all the greens and it won't take too long to put the whole top together. 

This morning though, I started looking again because I realized that there was at least one other BOM that was missing. Soooo, they should be together then.

In one of my spare rooms I have a tall, skinny IKEA dresser that holds doll making fabrics, cotton broadcloth fat quarters and some baby quilt fabrics. I had searched it before but it was mainly doll making stuff. Except for one shelf. I thought I'd take a good look at everything this time and lo and behold, there it was. The BOMs were folded with the wrong sides facing and when I took them out,

I found not one, (this is the one I was looking for)

not two, (absolutely and totally forgot about this one)

but three unfinished blocks of the month (this one is fairly close to being finished.) I was a happy camper once again and could now carry on with my life and sew something else. Now that I knew where everything was, I could finish a few other things - like a little vest for my grandson.

I headed on down to Queen street this morning to locate a 10" or 11" separating zipper. Fabricland only carried 9" (too small) and 12" (too long) zippers. I checked two Fabriclands and that's how I know. I bought two zippers when I found the 11" ones - so I could make Luc's brother Patric a vest too.

Life is back to normal. I could say "what a complete waste of a couple of days that was, trying to find a missing BOM" but  I won't. I found some fabrics I can give away, others that can be used in different projects and still others that need to be washed and ironed.

I also now have a whole laundry basket of fabrics that I have designated for little girls' dresses. I'm planning on using the various patterns that I have and sewing something small throughout the coming months. This way I can stay on top of things (hopefully.)

Oh yes, there's another repair job to get done too.

Little owl needs a new eye.

Luckily, I found some brown felt that is a close match. Now, to get something done. 


  1. Wow, whew is right, Dolores! My stashes of things must pale by comparison. I get overwhelmed and can't function with too much stuff. I think the eye repair is a great place to start!

  2. Oh gosh - misery must love company in the searching for lost items front! I spent almost a week turning this apartment upside down searching for a little ball of VERY expensive quivat yarn that #2 son gave me. I turned everything on it's ear and it simply was not there. I have a bag-on-a-stand thing that sits beside my chair in the living room that I put my current knitting project in when I'm not working on it. I turned the entire thing out on the floor three times (yes...THREE!!) and it wasn't there. So how do I explain that I was looking in the bottom of that very same project holder for something else entirely and the 'lost' ball of yarn was there. HOW did it get there when it very obviously wasn't there the previous three times I looked?!!! Gremlins live!!

  3. It was very comforting to read about your search and your finds: I'm not alone with my storage/locating/finishing problems. Good luck with your newly found BOMs!

  4. Those unfinished BOMs look great! Especially the first one.

  5. Ah yes, I can identify! You are not alone. I too "sometimes" lose, or should I say "misplace" things and spend too much time looking for them.... And usually find other treasures during the hunt... :)

  6. Your stash looks like candy! Yummy colors! I love your header, like a day on the beach.


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